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The Shine Gallery


Bernie Shine is one of the biggest private collectors of classic American animation memoribilia. You can see a small part of Bernie’s Disney collection on the DVD Mickey Mouse In Black and White Volume 2 (Disc one, on the bonus segment Mickey Mania: Collecting Mickey Merchandise).
In addition to his cartoon collection, Bernie has a fascination with novelty products from the early-mid 20th century. He’s collected thousands of unique items from dusty warehouses, closed factories and old stores, in mint condition and never used. For years he’s been selling off some of his excess items on his website.

He’s just opened a cool new retail store at the Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. It’s located along the Third Avenue side, next door to Pinkberry. It’s an absolute must-visit destination for any cartoon buff or pop culture historian. One of the unique items I picked up on my first visit there last night was this ornate Popeye coaster (above, click it for a larger look) for $3. (He’s got dozens of them!)

If you are in L.A. or planning a visit, do check out the new Shine Gallery at the Farmer’s Market. It’ll be well worth your time, and Bernie himself is frequently there at the shop to answer questions. In addition to Shine’s complete line of authentic novelties, the store (and his website) has incredible one of a kind merchandise for sale (check out this Flip The Frog figurine).

  • i want that popeye plate.

  • The Farmer’s Market store is one of the coolest surprises to come down the pike in a while. Shine has the best eye for vintage novelty stuff, masks and games I’ve ever encountered under one roof. But the kicker is that he has all this really rare (but not limited to) 30’s, 40’s & 50’s stuff in multiples in original packaging! Part of me is reluctant to recommend people going there because authentically cool things in LA tend to be spoiled by droves of gawking hipsters (I say this realizing that the guy is in business to sell, not to showcase, but still).

  • Bernie Shine used to run a store on Melrose Avenue right beside longtime Disney dealer Bob Molinari’s Fantasy’s Come True store.

    I remember going into Shine’s Melrose locale 15 or so years ago and seeing the most wonderful Old King Cole Disney “TOYS” sign – the circa 1934 display piece was HUGE and depicted Mickey, Minnie and Pluto frolicking in the snow. I can’t remember the price, but I do recall it was big bucks. At the time Shine was giving out postcards he had made of the image.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Cool stuff!

    BTW Amid, you should start a thread as to why animators arent striking as well.

  • hugo

    interesting comment about animators, relative to the writer’s strike. yah, maybe there should be mutual creative support.

  • matt

    Got to agree with hugo and fellow matt. here should be a united front. Against evil. And we know what and who I mean.

  • hugo

    matt your “evil” line is right on target. speaking of which, i saw this today and thought of you. after seeing this, net10 should consider an animated series.

  • magpie

    thanks for the above link (for net10). the animated shorts are funny and a little weird. cool stuff.

    this is great site and excellent resource. thanks, so much!

    p.s. next time i’m in LA, i know where i’m going… to the farmer’s market.

  • Stephen


    I could easily spend a small fortune on that stuff.