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The Vinyl Side of Hanna Barbera


Today’s must read: From Wall of Sound to Huckleberry Hound: The Vinyl Side of Hanna-Barbera by Kliph Nesteroff on the always informative and entertaining (i.e. info-taining?) WFMU’S Beware of the Blog.

In addition to a bounty of obscure audio downloads by the likes of Cindy Bear, Hokey Wolf and Snuffles, rare cover records and unusual tracks by Paul Frees and Daws Butler, Nesteroff’s post tells of (and links to) other offbeat product released by Hanna Barbera Records – obscure garage bands, psychedelic rock groups, folk singers and B-movie soundtracks – during the company’s short-lived existence (1965-1967). It casts the later work of The Banana Splits and Catanooga Cats in a whole new light.

  • uncle wayne

    i love it! I have about 5 of the pictured ones!!

  • Norton

    And most of humanity considered The Banana Splits TV show the bottom of the barrel…

  • Jerry, This is a great post! It opens up a hole new can of worms to check out in a very interesting era. Boss Man!

  • Michelle

    Actually, the LPs from Josie & the Pussycats & The Harlem Globetrotters are pretty good!

    The Josie LP was augmented with bonus tracks and released on CD by Rhino Handmade about 6 years ago. It sold out from Rhino and is currently going for $125 to $599(!) at Amazon. It features soul singer Patrice Holloway & a young Cheryl Ladd. (It’s *much* better than the TV show!)

    The Globetrotters LP was produced by Jeff Barry (of the Monkees & Archies fame). It has songs penned by Neil Sedaka and others. It’s also a lot better than the TV show that inspired it.

  • joecab

    Ohmigawd. This must be what heaven feels like.

    I still have that original Flintstones LP somewhere and it’s fantastic. It’s like all the familar Hoyt Curtain Flintstones background music had lyrics added. (Or did the album come first, and then its music was incorporated into the show? I’ll have to check out the dates and research that one.) The picture they have linked is only the Songs of the Flintstones 45 though, not the LP, which had nicer art.

    The Flintstones S.A.S.F.A.T.P.O.G.O.B.S.Q.A.L.T. album was a weird one! It was the first time I recalled Henry Corden doing Fred’s voice, before I found out he almost always did Fred’s singing. (How weird I didn’t remember this was the case in A Man Called Flintstone — maybe I saw that later?) And I’m glad to see someone else appreciated that cover art.

    Great link, Jerry. Thanks!

  • Smelof Livingston

    I always wondered what record label the Banana Splits were on!

  • I really, really, really want a copy of “The New Alice in Wonderland or What’s a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This?” I searched the site and the link is gone. However I’ve been told that he’s trying his best to get a ton of stuff online for us all to devour. What a great site and resource! He is to be commended!

  • Ernie Clark

    Anyone know who the great soul singer was on the Banana Splits
    records was? He must have sung on other records. He sounded a
    bit like the late great Wilson Pickett. He sang on “Soul” and “Doin’
    The Banana Split” among others.