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The Wile E. Coyote Government

I propose all difficult financial concepts be explained with cartoons, like how this video uses Wile E. Coyote to explain the US government’s financial incompetence:

(Thanks, Red Pill Junkie)

  • Tom Pope

    Snore. Yeah, the financial market’s a mess, but that video is pretty dull even with Wile E.’s participation.

  • Joe

    Sort of works in a simplistic, bare-bones political cartoon sort of way. Could have been much better, though

  • Jay Sabicer

    Wasn’t there also a Road Runner cartoon where Wile E was slammed so hard into the ground, he emerged in China where a Road Runner, dressed in un-PC Chinese garb was waiting for him?

    Foreign debt — the Chinese will own us

    Beep beep. Better brush up on your Mandarin.

  • Skip

    Thank you, g.w. shrub. You’ve ruined the country like you ruined every business your daddy gave you.

  • Thank you, Skip. You’ve recited every catchphrase you’ve dutifully learned from the Daily Show, you independent thinker you.

  • Oh, and this video ought to be required viewing for anyone inclined to pontificate on this subject and whose fault it all is:

    Wile E. Coyote indeed.

  • Gaston

    If you want to see a very solid and more differentiated video on that matter–o

  • Chris

    Thank you, Brian. For helping me to see the light. Voters who supported George W Bush are the true independent thinkers and creative minds of this age.

    Continue to show everyone who uses logic and reason that they are actually misguided, you independent thinker you.

  • Brian,

    Yes of course! It was those demmycrats! They’ve had control of our entire government for six out of the past eight years and have really drove it into the ground…

    Oh wait, that’s the republicans.

    This financial crisis started well before Democrats got congressional majority. While they certainly share the blame don’t forget it’s Bush and the Republicans and their penchant for deregulation that got us here in the first place.

  • Gaston:

    The creator of that video incorrectly assumes that the legislation passed under the Carter and Clinton administrations are the root cause of the problem. Allowing lower income families easier access to home loans is a good thing when handled responsibly like it was until the Bush administration.

    what lit the fuse on this particular powder keg was the nullification of the Glass-Steagull Act during the period of time when Republicans had total control of the House and Senate . Up until that happened the system worked because the banks approving the loans took the financial hit when a loan recipient defaulted so they weren’t going out of their way to approve any seriously risky loans. Once these banks were able to make a profit by selling mortgages to larger investment banks they started approving them by hook or crook because it was all reward with no risk. A lot of banks were conning people into signing on to shitty subprime loans that they couldn’t afford once the introductory rates expired even in cases where the recipient qualified for a more affordable prime loan. The filmmaker’s own charts show the number of subprime loans skyrocketing under the Bush administration.

    The greedy assholes running the investment banks were more than happy to buy these crappy loans because the short term gains (and fat bonus checks) made it easy for them to turn a blind eye to the obvious risk involved.

    As if all of this weren’t bad enough Bush decided it would be a great idea to lower the income requirements for approval in 2002 when this mess was just getting started. McCain might have bitched about the loans in 2005 but he did nothing to stop the deregulation that caused it and despite everything that happened he’s still pushing for more deregulation.

    Remember, Youtube videos edited together by morons are usually full of lies and nonsense.

  • Mark H.

    One again everyone wants to blame the Republicans and G. W. Bush without mentioning that the Democrats and Bill Clinton share just as much blame for the mess we are in. Nine time out of Ten, most problems are the result of incompetence by both parties.

  • Mike P.

    I dunno. I blame the Democrats for a lot of the mess. My city of Cleveland’s been in the control of the Democrats for over 20 years and look how “great” it is. 2nd in the nation in crime, no stable local economy, a barren lakefront, and the home of “Dennis the Menace” Kucinich. You want to pretend it’s all the Republicans fault? Keep dreaming.

  • Bob

    On a similar note, here is an animated short criticizing John McCain that I made for a class:

    I am not an animator, and am barely an artist, but hopefully it’s still enjoyable.

  • Bob

    I neglected to mention that the short is a spoof of Steamboat Willie, called Swiftboat Willie.

  • Badjoojoo

    Here’s one: McCain Girl and the Enchanted Republican Forest.

    I’m sure the Repubs will look at this and say “Yeah! Right On!”

  • Jimbo2K7

    Amid, I see you subscibe to the maxim, “Never let facts get in the way of a good line of BS”

  • Mike Lucy

    SERIOUSLY. I follow politics and current events but this blog has about 50% political and 50% cartoon related news lately.

    Lay off the politics.

  • Andy Panderer

    Hey Bob – that was pretty good!

    On a side note. Is there ANYTHING that isn’t the Democrats fault?
    The righties get their tighty whities in a bunch over anything that might involve their “personal responsibility.”