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There are Pixar fans, and then there are Pixar fans

This guy really likes Pixar. What else can you say? Click on the picture to see the tattoos up close.

Pixar Tattoos

  • Can’t say I’d ever get a tattoo of anything based on film or television but hey at least the tats look good.

  • Michael Fukushima

    And if it is a “guy” as you say, Amid, he’s forced himself to shave his leg(s) every week?

  • Tim Hodge

    Wonder what they will look like when he is as old as Carl.

  • Well, they appear to be traditional hand drawn tattoos.

  • Inkan1969

    Whatever happened to that guy who tattooed his entire body with Disney characters?

  • Don De Fore

    Cool! But Disney owns his legs.

  • I created “Fred” and “Wilma” tattoo designs for one of the daughters of my late friend, Henry Corden, the second voice of Fred Flintstone. She was very proud of her dad and had them done on the top side of her feet, facing out. (No, her mother had no connection to THE FLINTSTONES other than being married to her father!)



    I always pictured you to have hairy legs… What a revelation!!!
    No Betty Grable but very nice gams!!!!

    Still…. TMI

    Cheers/Have a great week!

  • Vintage Season

    Technically I think Disney only owns the epidermis. Maybe they’ll try and save that post-mortem, to make a lampshade or something?

  • Chris Webb

    Thanks for posting a picture of John Lasseter’s legs.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I believe you can now get these at the Main Street Tattoo Parlor on Main Street at Walt Disney World.

  • So where are Monters Inc’s Sulley & Mike? Um… on second thought, I don’t think I want to know @[email protected]

  • Film maker

    “Well, they appear to be traditional hand drawn tattoos.

    You are too funny Floyd. But yes they look great, I love the UP tat. I mean look at all the dumb tribal tats, I would rather have these any day of the week.

    And yes Cris Webb, these are John Lasseters legs. Lol.

  • LOL… I have a Jessica Rabbit on my calf :)

  • I’ve got EVE’s plant symbol from WALL-E on my upper chest, but this guy has me beat, hands-down. Wow.

  • I started laughing for sec, thinking they were crazy. Then I remembered my Totoro tattoo on my forearm. :)

  • Marguerita

    Does anyone know the artist?, these are amazing!

  • Brian

    There is nothing wrong with it.
    I’m in process of getting a my arm with Pixar. I have right now… Nemo, Crush, Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Pixar Ball, Wall-E, Mater, Lightning McQueen, and right now adding the house from Up.