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This Fall, Mitt Romney Is “ParaMormon”

The inevitable U. S. election season mash-up:

  • Patch

    Looks surprisingly like Simon Cowell!

  • fish

    Hey Amid,

    Thanks for using your platform here to spray all of us with your anti-Mormon rhetoric/propoganda.

    I know, I know, you didn’t actually make the poster.

    Who cares.

    You highlighted it, and that’s bad enough.

    Have you actually ever met a Mormon, or … gasp, tried to befriend a Mormon? Maybe try and get to know how normal they actually are?

    Thought not.

    I’m really looking forward to Paranorman though, looks really interesting.

    • Fish – No religious disrespect was intended. It’s a funny play on words that ties together an animated film and a current event.

    • Gobo

      I don’t see anything whatsoever “anti-Mormon” about this poster. It’s a handy bit of wordplay. It doesn’t degrade Mormons in any way at all.

    • Jesus


    • As a Mormon, I found the poster pretty funny.

    • I guess somebody didn’t see the Australian gay pride parade float titled ‘Broke Back Mormon’. It had a big fake movie poster and a mechanical bull.

  • Pose2pose

    Whoa, Fish. I’m an active Mormon, and a fan of Mitt Romney, and I still thought it was funny. If there was any malicious intent in this parody poster, it’s pretty benign.

    A hostile attitude like you’ve shown does significantly more damage to people’s perceptions than this poster would ever do.

    And also, you have to define what “normal” means–I’m pretty abnormal compared to the values and priorities of a lot of society. Plus, “Paranorman” seems right in line with the LDS focus on genealogy and doing work for the dead.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Is this a Don Bluth film?

  • Beeg

    The poster has too many m’s, it should read ParaMoron.

    • WellFedEd

      If they stuck his running mate into the poster it would read Pair-O-Morons!

  • Mark

    It’d be nice to get away from politics at least on one site…sigh..

    As for the religious aspect of the image,I’d be more than accepting of it just being a play on words to be funny and leaving it at that if it weren’t for the very real bigoted attacks on Romney’s religion that are going on else where. I’m not saying that was the intent of the picture, however in light of what else is being said out there to read it as another attack isn’t that outlandish.

    • Gobo

      There’s no bigotry going on here at all. It’s just a poster with some clever word/logo playfulness going on.

      If people have very real concerns about how a potential leader’s religious views will affect his decisions on a day to day basis, that’s not bigotry, either.

      I agree, negative politics are tiresome. Let’s not keep bringing them into places they don’t already exist, like this silly poster.

      • Mark

        I wasn’t refering to bigotry coming from this site.

  • Several of my friends are Mormons, also Jews, Catholics, and Bhudists. I can’t out any of their religions, so we talk about animation.

  • Billy

    What’s really offensive about this is how remarkably unfunny it is. There’s no joke, simply two words that kinda sound the same. There’s no juxtaposition, no added insight, no comedic comment on either the film or the candidate or the religion. There’s absolutely nothing going on here. The fact that anyone here finds it funny totally blows my mind.

    • Scarabim

      What’s really offensive is how partisan it is. Where’s the poster starring Obama and entitled, “ParaMuslim”?

      (rim shot)

      (And no, I don’t think Obama’s a Muslim. But I don’t think Romney’s a moron either, just because he’s a Republican).

      • I would add… (sudden feeling on all is lost… tears well in eyes… begins slow but assured weeping… sobbing now…) … say did anybody watch the game?

  • Andreas Wessel-Therhorn

    scarabim, it says mormon, and he clearly is a mormon. so your suggested obama poster is not comparable at all since Obama is clearly not a muslim. apples and oranges

  • MissConception

    Great! Now how about we highlight an Obama parody poster? No? Nothing? Hmmm…