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Thomas the Transformer

Here’s a film I’d pay good money to see. Megatron kicking Thomas in his Tank Engine caboose.

Until then, I’ll have to be content with this cheap Chinese toy (possibly a knock-off) currently being sold on ebay. If this is an officially licensed product, there is something so wrong about it — yet, I like it. Check out more pics on

(Thanks, Edwin Austin)

  • Doofus

    Haha That made my day. I want one now. They look so bizzare, and yet it’d still probably beat Michael Bay’s Transformers.

  • Dora Standpipe

    I can’t see who authorized this as the picture is bad, but if it says “Gullane (Thomas) Ltd” it is legit.

    The three trains are Thomas (blue) Percy (green) and James (red). They all look just like that so if this is a knock off, it is pretty damn good.

    (Can you tell I have young boys???)

  • Tom Heres

    Oh, how I love unlicensed knockoff crazy.

    There is a Batmobile in the style of the Tim Burton 1989 movie that transforms into a robot that I’ve seen in import stores. That’s a natural for an official release, don’t you think?

  • “Here’s a film I’d pay good money to see. Megatron kicking Thomas in his Tank Engine caboose.”

    I agree, this would be better than most of “Revenge of the Fallen”.

  • Christopher Merritt

    There was a sort-of “bootleg toy manufacturer” display set up in front of the Katong Mall – we actually got my son one of these! It’s terrifying… We haven’t taken it out of the package yet…

  • Since they’ve begun production on new CG THOMAS animated home videos, I don’t see how this isn’t possible… we have the technology…

  • Mike

    Actually, I’d pay to see Thomas the Tank Engine kick every Transformers ass. Thomas at least serves a purpose.

  • Sidecutter

    Actually, I recognize this. The original toy weas called Loco Squad, and I have one in storage that I’ve had for years now. Got it at a KB Toy Outlet. It wasn’t Thomas themed, of course, but it was out around 1998-2000 sometime. It was a fairly low budget toy but well designed and of pretty decent quality. No idea if it was a bootleg of something else but I’ve never found an “official” toy that matches it so I think it was an original design by the makers.

    I have no idea whether that same company altered it to create this. This could be a bootleg of that original toy, or even a bootleg of a bootleg if Loco Squad was copied from something else.

  • My little nephew LOVES Thomas.. I should introduce him to transformers now. Genius!

  • Tom Heres