Tim Hollis collects cool stuff Tim Hollis collects cool stuff
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Tim Hollis collects cool stuff

Author and historian Tim Hollis (Mouse Tracks, Hi There Boys and Girls) allowed a local news camera crew to shoot a story about his incredible collection of cartoon memorabilia:

And if anyone wants to visit his private museum in Alabama, contact Tim via email.

  • Ah, man, Tim would make a terrific cartoon! What a cool museum.

  • You can read more about Tim Hollis here: http://www.saltyham.org/Home/the-cartooneestas/tim-hollis—birmingham

    He’s a member of a club for middle-Alabama cartoonist-types, the Salty ‘Ham Cartooneestas: http://SaltyHam.org

  • Amazing collection! I really hate when reporters shoe-horn themselves into stories: “Here’s my favourite toy… my favourite boardgame” etc. Personally, I wanted to find out more about Tim – how, and why, he amassed this collection. Great job Fox.

  • I hope noone shoots a story about me when I’m THAT nerdy…

  • Robert Schaad

    There’s a program on A&E airing recently called Hoarders. However, the distinction here is that Tim’s collection is meticulously displayed.

  • Yeah props for the organization. I’d imagine most people just have heaps in a storage locker somewhere.

  • Oh come now, Dan, you know it takes a lot of hard work to look as nerdy as I do!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > There’s a program on A&E airing recently called Hoarders. However, the distinction here is that Tim’s collection is meticulously displayed.

    Whereas I would be seen as a hoarder anyway! I want to think however my collection represents the best of the past century anyway since that’s the century I feel at home with!

  • That’s an amazing collection!

    I hope he’s planning to get sleeves for those records, though, and hopefully store them vertically.

    I’ve never seen so many lunch boxes!

  • Hey Tim, that’s an awesome collection. If I had that room, I’d put a desk in the middle and make it my office.

  • The only thing more amazing than Tim’s collection is Tim himself — a wonderful person. Hey Tim, when’s Disney going to offer you 4 billion for all that “content?”

  • Chris Merritt

    Tom Hollis is a GOD among men. Check out his amazing book on the Miracle Strip…


  • He also wrote a new book about country comedy and is working on one about Christmas pop culture. And there’s another one just prubished about Florida advertising. Great stuff.

  • Everyone has been very kind in their remarks… but what Greg failed to mention is that he and I have something else in the works that will blow everyone’s mind. It’s still in the “fixin’ to get ready” stage, though, so don’t look to hear anything about it for quite some time….

  • Wish he were my neighbor.

  • Tim,

    Thanks for sharing all of that wonderful stuff with the world – never would have gotten a chance to see your collection out here in CA without that news clip. Amazing stuff.

  • Frenchdisneyfan

    I guess Dan Caylor was trying to be funny; to me, he ended being plain rude!
    Well, nobody’s perfect!

    Thanks Tim for sharing your passions!

  • A Sno Kone machine ! My older brother got one of those for Christmas one year and we worked that shaver until the blade was dull. Too cool ! Gotta love fellow collectors – good on you Tim !

  • We’re all nerds, let’s face it.

  • 19 comments and no one mentioned Tim’s Magoo. For shame! It was pretty good too.

  • Lisa Belcher

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Tim and seeing his collection. He is such an interesting and pleasant person. And I thank him for sharing memories of my childhood with me that would never have surfaced had it not been from his fabulous collection. A truly wonderful guy!