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Toon Funeral Home

Illustrator Joe Fournier spotted this worrisome sign in Illinois. [Insert your Cartoon Network jokes here.]

Toon Funeral Home

  • Can the “Roger Rabbit” sequel be far behind?

  • Iritscen

    I believe this was the planned setting for the sequel to Roger Rabbit.

  • james

    I think this is where Turbo Teen went to die.

  • Ha!

    They must’ve caught a look at the new revamped Looney Tunes show coming out of WB

  • spencer drew bogart

    yeah! i think that’s in glen ellyn, just about thirty minutes or so outside of chicago. very odd. somewhere, i’ve got a few pictures of my own…

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I see potential for a new hit CN reality show. guess which cartoon is buried under this tombstone while blindfolded on a roller coaster!

  • Feh.

    Gotta love how people are already putting down the Roger Rabbit sequel without having absolutely any idea how it’s turning out or what Zemekis is ACTUALLY doing with it.

    But hey. Who needs to have a legitimate reason before complaining about something they haven’t seen anything of yet, right?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    So it is true! (hangs head in disbelief) :-)

  • Mike Johnson

    I hear they gave Cartoon Network a group discount…

  • Tedzey

    That is where the original (hand drawn) Mickey rolls in his grave everytime that shitty playhouse disney crap is played.

  • amid

    Mike Johnson: If we rewarded comments, I’d give you the prize. =)

  • Nightmare Is Near

    We all know the murderers who put them there are:
    Stuart Snyder
    Rob Sorcher
    Andrew “Hearing what I said” W.K.
    “The Dudes”
    “The Othersiders”
    Blake Micheal
    and The City of Boston’s Paranoia on 1-31-07 NEVER FORGET

  • Ron

    The floors must be messy in that place cuz they’re all covered with “Dip”.

  • Dapper Jim

    From this DRY NEWS WEEK [not even reporting or making articles about the End of the Decade Best/Worst Lists…] You guys just have to post this.

    Sure, Ill take it. Heh, FUNNY.

    Oh, Its a Cartoon Network Joke. [PROTIP – You guys already made your point, thank you]

    The cherry on top has to be that the ONLY PERSON who has made an INTELLIGENT comment [dear Mr. Feh.] and being completely ignored. Later on, Amid is here to congratulate the bashing… Is that what it takes The Brew to thrive nowadays? Really?

    Heh, in that case… Pass me the stick, I wanna beat up this dead horse too!

  • some guy

    “Gotta love how people are already putting down the Roger Rabbit sequel without having absolutely any idea how it’s turning out or what Zemekis is ACTUALLY doing with it.”

    yeah because how can you go wrong with classically hand drawn “toons” mixing it up with performance captured CG people… oh wait.

    unless they plan on making the “real” world, “toon town” AND “cg town” but the locals call it “uncanny valley” and they just generally creep out the humans and toons and no one cares if they build a parking lot over where they live because, honestly, they’re REALLY creepy.

    hmm… you’re right, I’d totally be down to see that version.

  • M. Herren

    Actually, there are two Toon Funeral Homes. One in Westmont and one in Downers Grove, IL. We’ve been driving past them for years and always note the fact that they’re the only funeral homes that we laugh about.

  • Greg Chenoweth

    Name to be changed soon to the Reality Home.

  • FP

    I bet the embalming tables look really cool and make farty whizzy sound effects.

  • Boomerang?

  • Mark McDermott

    Sorry I never offered a picture of this place, which is right down the street from me in Downers Grove (there are a few more of them in our area). If they buried the “Dick Tracy” cartoons after “Bozo” went off the air, I’d be just fine with that.

    Wait, there IS a Roger Rabbit sequel somewhere in production? And Zemekis is doing it his way. Toon bad.

  • Pretty much MOST toon-based channels have come to die there.

    Or maybe, the villain of Who Framed Roger Rabbit rests there. Who knows.

  • fishmorgjp

    Who would even want a Roger Rabbit sequel? That’s always been one unappealing character. They tried out a few cartoon shorts, but few cared. Since then, toon-and-live-action flicks like ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE, SPACE JAM, COOL WORLD have left everybody cold. Zemeckis is doing the sequel? Eurgh, he’ll add CGI humans and Simpsons and Family Guy characters… forget it.

  • Dylan King

    Bonkers D. Bobcat., Darkwing Duck, Sonic The Hedgehog… the list can go on and on…

  • Celia

    Toon Funeral Home: relics of my old stomping ground! As a kid, my parents would drive by the one in Downers Grove. I loved imagining what cartoon ceremony was going on inside.

  • Jessica Jimez

    Johnny Bravo
    The Goode Family
    Cow and Chicken
    The Adventures of Billy and Mandy
    The Critic
    Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
    Rocco’s Modern Life

  • “Neeh… what’s down, Doc?”

  • Probably co-financed by Video Brinquedo and Good Times, the leading producers of poorly, hastily-produced knockoffs of more popular animated films!

  • Brian

    Ha. I went to high school just up the block from this place in Downers Grove. Now I’m studying animation in Chicago. I still drive by it all the time and never really thought about it. What a stra
    nge coincidence.

  • Polecat

    I actually remember seeing a picture of this sign in National Lampoon’s Big Book of True Facts. The caption that the NatLamp editors gave it was: “Last stop for Roger Rabbit.”