Uncanny Valley Explained Uncanny Valley Explained
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Uncanny Valley Explained

This clip from the TV series 30 Rock offers an entertaining explanation of the “Uncanny Valley” (aka “Robert Zemeckis-style animation”).

(via Kottke)

  • FP

    Killer! I forgots to watch the post-strike ROCKS. Must go cruise P-Bay…

  • red pill junkie

    Awesome!! :-)

  • If only the rest of that show was actually that funny…

  • Whatdayoucare?

    Who’s Dat Ninja!?

  • Corrado (Anthony)

    As great as that was, the Amaedus spoof from later that episode was even better.

    After a marathon of watching Season 2 a few weeks ago, I’m really kicking myself for giving up on this show during Season 1. It really is a great TV show.

  • I love 30 Rock. And as it approaches this this topic as it does others so genuinely, there’s always something frankly ridiculous about the way various facets of TV/film entertainment try too hard and end up screwing themselves, and their medium, over.

    Although I do trust Tracy Morgen more than I do Mr. Zemekis to executive produce a meaningful mo-cap feature film… who knows what that says about contemporary filmmaking…

  • The last joke was far more frightening.

  • Victor Herbert

    The WGA strike crippled that show’s momentum. The program itself is fine but the labor stoppage screwed with its moment in history. Good thing Lorne Michaels and NBC have got Tina Fey’s back. If “Captain Nice” had enjoyed that degree of corporate mojo, it would still be on the air today.

  • Andrew

    This made my day. Thanks!

  • That’s brilliant. ^_^

  • I saw this when it aired. I loved it! Of course, all this hits pretty close to home for me

  • GhaleonQ

    Wait, people dislike 30 Rock? I say that we send Thad into the desert as atonement for Tina Fey’s comedic sins of the past (read: her SNL tenure).

  • chris

    Later on in the episode is even funnier with Tracey working diligently to solve the problem of uncanny valley porn in a video game. He’s drawing all these charts and graphs like he’s actually coming up with something worthwhile.

    Even funnier is the Dungeons and Dragons joke they slipped in a few weeks ago.

  • endekks

    Is it me, or if Tracy Morgan rapped would it sound a lot like Kool Keith?

  • Kelly Tindall

    That’s fabulous. Love that show, especially the little jabs at geek culture they manage to sneak in.

  • Pieless

    “Is it me, or if Tracy Morgan rapped would it sound a lot like Kool Keith?”

    Ahahhahaha, That made my day, Endekks, and it’s so true.

  • Some Guy

    Funniest, zaniest, cartooniest show on TV right now, bar none.

  • ridgecity

    that part is funny for animators, but for anyone else is just lame. They probably wouldn’t even understand what they are talking about…

    If it wasn’t for Tracy Morgan and the fact that Lorne Michaels produces this show, it would already be gone.

    And that Tina Fey keep stuck in that character from that Lindsey lohan movie. what was it called? Mtv’s Daria or something like that?