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“UP” cake

We haven’t featured a post about cartoon cake in several months, so this is long overdue. Submitted for you approval, this clever “Up Cake” which was featured on GirlyBubble a while back. Apparently Pixar’s Up has inspired dessert chefs as much as it’s inspired the animation community.

And if this doesn’t make you hungry, check out these delicious Up Cupcakes!

(Thanks, Bill Perry)

  • Upcakes??

  • Steve Menke

    Fans of cakes-as-creative-outlets would also do well to check out the recent documentary “Kings of Pastry.” One person’s eye candy is another’s painstaking, exhausting labor.

  • I’m looking forward to the Tangled cake, with the long blond hairs baked into the delicious moist filling.

  • I envy both the makers and recipients of those cakes.