Vending Machine Red! Vending Machine Red!
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Vending Machine Red!

In Japan, Coca Cola has started airing a set of non sequitur comedy skits starring a giant Coke Machine wandering around Tokyo.
Frederator should sue.

  • That does kind of remind me of the Frederator robot. It’s kind of a mix between that and Rob Schrab’s “Robot Bastard!”

  • Wow. Even the face looks similar. Can’t deny the commercial made me laugh. :]

  • Sean D.

    Haha… that’s a really cool ad campaign, thanks for posting it.

    I’m pretty sure that Frederator doesn’t own the exclusive rights to use 1960s-style Japanese Robots or Coca-Cola, so can you please explain why Frederator should sue? Is this skit ripping off something they released?

  • You don’t suppose he knows Pepsiman, do you?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The main user page itself has three of these vids to view….

    Wasn’t sure if this was an actual TV broadcast skit or some amateur/fan production. If I showed this to a friend of mine he might know where it could’ve came from anyway. Much of it made me think of the “Mega64” videos out there of the guys spoof different NES games and characters in their videos. Often going for the “jackass” route of taking it out into the streets on unespecting people and have them go WTF at their antics.

  • Actually, I saw this as looking more like 70s (not 60s) superhero & giant robot tokusatsu TV shows, and I am a huge fan of those. The look of the opening was a spoof of SUPER ROBOT RED BARON (Nippon Gendai/Senkosha; 1973).

    Tokusatsu is the term for “special effects” in Japan, BTW.

  • Hey Jerry,
    Well, you discovered our secret and Ch.Freddington’s SuperHero Identity. Why do you think the FredBot wears those Clark Kent glasses? He’s a soda pop Superhero in Japan!

    Once again, Thanks for the Shout-Out.
    Cartoon Brew Rocks!

  • Toten Maske

    I’m starting to wonder about the reliability of youtube – this video works a few days ago, but now it is one of the few youtube videos that simply never load for me. Other videos work fine, but it seems like there are a growing group of youtube videos that just stop working for certain individuals – no matter what computer you use. When this worked I thought it it seemed similiar to FredBot. Very enjoyable. Just wish youtube would discover what was causing this intermediate issue that affects certain viewers.

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