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Wall-E Builders

Talk about dedicated cartoon buffs. There’s a group of Pixar fanatics who are spending months building their own life-size replicas of Wall-E…and the film doesn’t even come out until next month. The results are impressive. Here’s a few of the vides showing different Wall-Es in various stages of progress.

It also looks like an official “real” version of Wall-E exists:

  • The kids project on the top was the best. Very cool…..

  • The amount of fan projects like this for Wall-E already is quite amazing. Surely this is a sign that the movie is going to be phenomenally popular.

  • red pill junkie

    Yep, that kid did an amazing job. I would encourage him and the other Wall-E enthusiasts to move to the next logical stage:

    Make a sto-motion animated short with your robot :-)

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’m glad for all the fan projects being built, but when I saw the working model in Hollywood, the first word out of my mouth was “POTZRIEBIE!”

  • Pixar is now owned by Disney, so let the lawsuits begin.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    See Pixar, these are your die-hards, don’t you dare let ’em down!

  • Everyone is invited to come join in on the fun!!


    We have almost competed the full size frame, and we have the evacuator door done, along with the speaker and solar charge level meters being milled and another team working on the mechanics for the arms, which should be done in the nest week.

    Hope to see you all there!

  • Not since MST3K, has any fanatic made it their duty to make a robot replica from some form of media.

  • Thank you for posting the third youtube video. It happens to be my latest WALL-E Build update.

    TDRI is the first complete WALL-E Build and is followed by myself and two other Builders from the WALL-E Builders Yahoo Group.

    Feel free to stop by and join the fun. Several of the founding members of the R2 Builders Club are helping develope plans to help you scratch build your own WALL-E.

  • that last clip made me ridiculously happy!

  • MattSullivan

    Nothing about WALL-E really clicked with me until the most recent trailer. Now I’m very excited to see it. Between that and KUNG FU PANDA I think we’re gonna have a very animated summer.