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Wanted: More Readers like…

…The Felix Girls!

(Thanks, Devlin Thompson via Grottu)

  • The Gee


    Something about them….

    There’s something about them… that looks…similar.

    I just can’t put my finger on what that is though.

    My magic bag of tricks is at the cleaners. Like a detachable tail, I’m stumped.

  • Peter

    But Jerry, you do have a lot of readers who are like the Felix Girls! Just look at the way they responded to that recent He-man post…

  • Oh man lovin’ those haircuts, hahaha!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      That’s what my mom used to have too! I never thought they were that funny.

  • Donald C

    I think I’ll stick to reading your posts from now on.

  • Darkblader

    Speaking of Felix, there was something about a new show happening. Is that still being planned out?

  • I’m guessing that it is school cheerleaders for the Lyncs, with each of their names on the front of the cat. Could be twins in the front.

  • pspector

    Trans-Lux version of the Mouseketeers? Should have had Vavoom on the shirts.

  • Hans W.

    Eat your heart out, Mouseketeers! I’m a Felix Girl Fan!! :)