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What kind of man reads Cartoon Brew?


They say one picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth fifty buckson ebay. Click here to view at full size.

  • … the horror… the horror…

    *rocks back and forth*

  • Hooper

    Ughughughughughugh; Arf, arf, arf!!

  • Well, at least it looks more like Popeye than that weird looking costume from the 30s, which looked more like a hideously deformed kabuki mask. :)

  • tom

    I wish I had fifty spare bucks right about now. (sob!).

    I’ll print a nice copy from the large jpeg later and frame it. That ought to hold me. Best to whoever buys it, though! Enjoy!

  • John A

    Popeye getting a double dose of vitamin “A”!


    This picture is a BEAUT, JERRY………for some reason that I can’t explain, it brought me instant joy………….this photo will be stored on my hard-drive, [in all seriousness].