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What’s Up, Dick?

A screenshot from today’s Google News:

Space Jam Penis

The best comment about this mix-up comes from Ricky Garduno on Facebook: “Makes sense. After watching Space Jam I severed my own penis.”

  • squirrel

    It’s times like these where I completely kick myself for growing up in an environment where my family and I thought Space Jam was good. I only noticed ANY trace of negative opinion five years ago.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Sam here squirrel, I loved Space Jam. I feel like it was my generations roger rabbit, which I realize is blaspheme as an adult but back then I loved seeing our iconic loony tunes share the screen with another icon.

  • Phil

    It’s ok Squirrel.
    I loved Space Jam too when I was wee lad.

  • fishmorgjp

    “Toe Jam” might’ve been a better title…

  • The soundtrack was good….”Basketball Jones!”

    C’mon sing with me…

  • The image kind of makes sense to me. I never really understood (outside of it’s overall intention) what many internet-dwellers thought about furries.

  • Ricardo

    I saw SPACE JAM twice in the theatres. Yes, I am ashamed.

  • joe s

    well now we know what’s up doc.

  • “Look doc! I’m multiplyin’, see! I’m multiplyin’!”

  • Instead of looking down our noses at a popular kid’s film, a 13 year old one at that, that set out to do what it succeeded in, why not have some useful animation discussion?

    I never, even as a kid, considered Space Jam to be the height of entertainment in cinema, but some very light entertainment and (to me as a 6-year old) an exciting new story with some characters I knew hadn’t been active for some time. I find it hard to think that people here really believe it was so bad that it’s perfectly reasonable to castrate oneself as a result of watching it.

    That said, my defense might just be through a pair of nostalgia goggles I might not realise I’m wearing. In which case, this is interesting.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Hey! I like Space Jam!

  • Haha, I had all the toys for this and everything. I still have the Marvin Martian one in fact, but only because that one isn’t wearing a basketball shirt and still looks pretty neat. Even back then it wasn’t my favorite film, I was a bit too young to see Roger Rabbit in cinemas but loved that much more than Space Jam when I saw the video. Sometimes I catch Space jam on the telly just for a small tint of nostalgia, and it’s still and ok light hearted film that shouldn’t really be taken seriously, even if the way the looney Tunes act at times and their voices irk me a little now.

  • squirrel

    ‘Glad I’m not the only one, then. I was with my family as a teen when it was released, so maybe it’s good if you spend it watching with your family on vacations I suppose. Plus, you can’t ignore the animation was GOOD.

  • I think you’re all missing the point, and it’s that tragically, for the past 12 years, Ricky has had to sit down to pee :(

  • Autumn

    I like Space Jam too. I mean, I hate it, but…it was a big part of my childhood. I have nothing but fond memories. Why spend so much time knocking something that brought attention to the LT. I mean, it’s not like it was Loonatics Unleashed.

  • Some Rabbit

    You know, for a second, I was horribly confused and frightened — then I *saw*.

    At Boston Comicon, my table (we are a gang of freelance illustrators) got into several long discussions and even a few arguments. But the one thing we all agreed upon was this: “Space Jam” might just be the single most evil thing ever done by a major mainstream studio.

    F*** Lola.

  • I have to admit, I enjoyed SPACE JAM as well. I enjoyed it when I went to see it in theaters, and I still enjoy it. I objectively know that it’s, as a friend of mine described, “one big commercial,” but it took the Looney Tunes in a rather interesting direction. And let’s face it, some of us had a thing for Lola Bunny!

    I still think the actual Lola Bunny in the film is much better than the bland “licensing” version! I wonder what was up with that…

  • Autumn

    @ Some Rabbit

    Don’t blame Lola. Blame the people who handled her character and gave her absolutely NO development.