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Worth 1000 Cartoons


Worth held a Photoshop contest this weekend where contestants had to incorporate animated cartoon characters into classic paintings. I’m not sure who won, but you can judge for yourself here.

  • Wow, not only are those funny, but that’s some damn good photoshopping skills.

  • Yea – lots of good stuff there. My fav is the Ravissement/Cinderella one.

  • That’s honestly some great work there. My favorite was the one with Calvin (I’m biased because I love the comic strip so much).

  • Jorge_Garrido

    The idea is great, absolutely amazing, but for some reason Worth1000 had really gone downhill. Most of the Photoshopping in this contest is absolutely amateurish, and I don’t know why! Clip art copy and pasting, big whoop. That site used to be so careful in choosing the best Photoshopping, but most of that stuff on that contest even I could do. Why did their standards decrease?

    It’s not just this contest, either, the entire site in general has decreased in talent, as if they were afraid to turn people down even if their work sucks. Shame, I wonder how cool that contest could have been if it had been done in Worth100’s golden age of only 4 years ago?

  • The Scrooge McDuck one is funny.

  • Nice! I like so many, it would be hard to have to choose one as a winner. It’s a cool idea too. It really says something about me that I know all the cartoon characters but not the classic paintings. Must…..take…..more…….history……classes…..and stop watching so many cartoons.

  • Paul Penna

    Someone needs to add “With all due respect to Ward Kimball.”

  • this reminds me of worth1000’s contest where you had to photoshop photos of animals and people to look like cartoon characters.

  • Carrie

    I really thought that the “Sweet Tweety” picture deserves respect!! It doesn’t seem like it took the most effort to create, but the mix of that beautiful painting with Tweety…. Wow…. I really liked it!! Keep on ‘Photoshopping’!!!

  • Ashley

    This one was cute, hope they won!