“You’re A Creep, Charlie Brown!”

Animator Rob Yulfo edited this collection of Peanuts clips set to Vega Choir’s cover of Radiohead’s Creep. This sums it all up.

  • Brian Kidd

    Wonderful and sad. Kind of like Charlie Brown. Thanks for sharing this!

  • http://www.spiteyourface.com tony mines

    Newsflash: Charlie Brown is melancholy!

    This video is unremarkable, lacks wit, and keeps missing cues.

    Yet here I am, meta-remarking on it.


    • The Gee

      Don’t feel bad, Tony Mines. Something better will come along.

  • Justin Delbert

    I found that very stale and uninteresting (and I’m a big Charlie Brown fan too). If you want to do something interesting with these products like that, make me laugh like this little video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTOi82fIjp8&feature=related. And on the side note for all you animation fans that “talk the talk”: in the scene were Charlie Brown tries to kick the football in slow motion, DVNR is even MORE noticible than ever.

    • Matt

      Charlie Brown murders is neat, but if you want to see something really interesting from the same creator watch It’s a Mad World, Charlie Brown:


      You’ll see never see Charlie Brown the same way again.

  • Chris

    The perfect video with the perfect song for a perfectly dull, damp day today.

  • The Gee

    well, at least he got a happy ending on that.


  • http://www.classicparamountcartoons.blogspot.com ParamountCartoons

    a choir saying the F-bomb?


  • http://she-thing.blogspot.com Caty

    Charlie Brown + Snoopy always depressed me a lot either the comic or the movies. This kind of confirms it 100%.

  • Rob Yulfo

    Thanks for posting my Video! I know some may not like it but It was something I really felt like doing. we all can relate to both the song and the Cartoon, for me now more then ever. so I figured why not. And to Justin Delbert I hope you gave yourself a high five after your comment. your too cool for school. I do like to make funny videos. infact the last Cartoon brew post about me was a parody of 127 hours so I do have a sense of humor, I just thought I try something different. and yes there was alot of DVNR but I’m not planning to make a living off of this video,so it really doesn’t matter. I enjoyed making it. but everyone has the right to there opinion. thanks all!

    • Adam VM

      Keep doing what you do, Rob. This was pretty good!

  • Charlie

    I tried watching it, but about 1/3rd of the way in I just felt to sad to continue on.

  • Santa

    LOL Ho Ho Holololololololol

  • Mic

    I like it!

  • Toonio

    Without getting too philosophical, just want to say that at the end all the Charlie Browns get the the little read haired girl. :)

    Hold on Charlie!

  • Adam VM

    This is significantly less depressing than 3eanuts.