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Zingelman’s Cartoon Murals


If you ever happen to find yourself in Hinsdale, Illinois, as I have myself, be sure to check out Zingelman’s (13 W. 1st St.). The deli is filled with charmingly incompetent murals of cartoon characters, including odd pairings like Superman and SpongeBob. Here are a few more images from the establishment:

  • jordan reichek

    “incompetent” to you, Amid. For me, “..sincerity as far as the eye can see”.

  • pheslaki

    That two-thumbed alien hand in the Simpsons one is terrifying.

  • I get my hair cut there!

  • brendon

    Posting stuff like this, especially on a blog read by a lot of industry professionals, is likely to get that quaint little store a nice cease-and-desist order.

  • Hinsdale, Il was field trip time for us growing up in Evanston – we’d visit the Health Museum there and listen to a lifesize transparent woman talk to us about health and science. . .
    Happy Holidays – and “hi” Celia !!

  • FP

    Oops! You painted a cease’n’desist bullseye on Zingelman’s.

  • doop

    Merry Christmas.

  • ben c

    aww, i love amatuer drawings of cartoon characters. too bad it’s gonna be gone when disney catches wind of this article

  • doug holverson

    “Junior painted these! Teacher says that he’s the best cartooner in 4th grade!”

  • Thomas Dee

    I wouldn’t ever use a nasty word like “incompetent” to describe something as innocent and as sincere as these paintings. I have a beautiful Bart Simpson folk art painting done on a warped and chipped piece of plywood that suggests that the beauty of a piece like this is in the personal flourishes and the unexpected decisions the artist makes along the way. The scale issues of some characters here, along with things like Buzz Lightyear’s mouth, make this building an object wonder to me.

    Of course, now that you’ve brought the world’s attention to them, they’ll be sued by every Tom, Dick and Katzenberg in Hollywood.

  • Zee

    I wouldn’t call it “incompetent”. I know many very talented animation artists that still have their drawings and sketchbooks from when they were kids or in school. And it’s not any better than these paintings. We all started out drawing like this. Nobody picks up a pencil for the first time and starts drawing like Glen Keane right away. If someone offered me a few bucks to paint a mural of cartoon characters when I was a kid, I would have loved the opportunity.
    It’s like you are picking on someone that has only been learning to play guitar for a couple months and saying he is “incompetent” because he can’t play like Jimmy Hendrix. Give the guy a break. He might become a great animator years from now.
    Way to crush his dreams right from the start! If I had people like Amid calling my art work “incompetent” when I was a teenager, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I feel like I’m back in grade school again with these! A high school I went to in the early 90’s had a pretty funky mural painted on their cafeteria wall that was done by an art club in the 70’s, but sadly got painted over by the time I left there (and I didn’t get a chance to snap a pic of it).

  • JG

    These are wonderful.

  • Blake

    cartoon brew looking down its nose at amateur art yet again, how charmingly pompous of you.

  • David Breneman

    The Sylvester and Daffy pictures are pretty good. A local watering hole (The Cloverleaf Tavern in Tacoma) used to have a mural on one of its walls showing an assortment of cartoon and golden age film characters enjoying a kegger in a sylvan setting. Alas, after several holes were cut into it to accommodate air conditioners and new exits, it was finally panelled over in a remodel in the late 80s. Such a shame. It was Tacoma’s Sistine Chapel.

  • Incompetent seems a little harsh… they may not be the best, but you gotta respect the guy for painting Woody to look like a Family Guy character! Seriously, that doesn’t happen every day.

  • Wow, what a suprise to see this up on Cartoon Brew. As a Chicago animator, I always loved walking in to this place to see all the “off model” characters, and it’s been some time since I’ve been there (but I don’t live too far away).

    There is really something charming about the way it all looks – moreso than if these were actually on model. It gives you more to talk about. If these were all on model, you would just look at them passively and be on your way. Anyway, I prefer Portillos or Superdawg here in Illinois.

  • reminds me of ugly public domain video covers.

  • Jamie

    wow. really harsh. these are terrific! i go to this place all the time with my kids — and they are the ones for whom these cartoons are drawn. i have also witnessed battles over the table closest to a child’s favorite character. who are you to judge buddy?