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Zippy on CG

Last Saturday, the topic of Bill Griffith’s ZIPPY comic strip was computer animation. Click on the strip below for the full-size version.

Zippy strip

(Thanks, Apelad)

  • Floyd Bishop

    Bill Griffith obviously isn’t watching the right stuff.

  • Glenn

    Funny and relevant strip, even if it does generalize CG into one category, it still speaks volumes! I guess the question is when, if at all, will we start seeing actual artists/animators pushing the boundaries of the mo-cap tool? As a good friend of mine said… mo-cap is at least good for the creep factor.

  • Craig Davison

    I liked the part about the day-old twinkies…

  • GloriousKyle

    I was expecting to see this on the blog- although I didn’t expect Shelf-Life to be the one ranting. He’s usually all business, and isn’t that what CG features have become all about?
    Zippy’s one of my personal favorite comics, it’s always refreshing to read a curmudgeonly pop-culture rant contrasted against the inexplicable surrealism of a microcephalic clown in the comic pages.

  • Rikki Simons

    This just makes me want to watch more Marc Craste animations and read less Zippy.

  • Ms. Geek

    This is dead on, 100%. Who’s SL supposed to be, btw?

  • Elisson

    Ya gotta admire Zippy. Not only does he manage to wangle a guest shot on Family Circus (really!), but now he’s made it to Cartoon Brew!

    [So glad you’ve decided to allow comments with the redesigned site. Finally – a real blog!]

  • Michael

    Zippy is THE most brilliant copy in print…