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3D Modeling Software on iPad

Verto 3D

Need to do some pre-viz work at the coffeeshop or airport but don’t have your laptop with you? Verto Studio 3D is new modeling software for the iPad created by Micheal L. Farrell. It may not be the first such iPad software on the market, but according to Marc Lougee who wrote this positive review of Verto Studio 3D, it’s the best to date. Lougee cites its relative ease of use (only 15 buttons) and fairly sophisticated feature set as selling points. The other selling point is it’s $7.99.

  • Bobby

    The beginning of the end is near.

  • Chris Webb

    That’s some good reporting there Amid.

  • Chris Webb

    There’s also a 2-D animation program for iPad called
    Animation Creator HD:

    Here’s a review:

    How do you get data out of an iPad? Is publishing on You Tube the only way?

    • â–‘
      I don’t have an iPad but I think there’s optional USB port hardware

  • Paul N

    Word processors didn’t turn everyone with an urge to write into Hemingway, and inexpensive modeling software won’t turn everyone who wants to model into good modelers.

  • I like the screen shot if only because I have a big deal of affection and nostalgia for those late ’50s Chevy pickups.

  • sweet! Now if only someone would make a plugin that lets me use the iPad as a secondary screen that handles all my fcurves, or allows me to pose my characters in 3d scenes. Multitouch input could really speed things up (one day)

    PS: quite hatein on apple, nerds. “oh boo hoo we’re being given miracle technology” be happy you’re living in the future, dammit! Even the Jetsons would be impressed by what tablets can do!

  • “Need to do some pre-viz work at the coffeeshop or airport…?”

    I love this notion that CG artists are globetrotting hipsters burdened by the amount of time they must give up to the necessity of constant air travel.

    It’s much better than “Stuck at your child’s mother’s other child’s father’s arraignment and need to get some pre-viz work done…?”

    • Anoniguy

      “In line at the unemployment office and ‘need’ to do some pre-viz work? …how do you have an iPad?”

    • pitandpendulum

      You mean to say, CG artists AREN’T “globetrotting Hipsters burdened by amount of time they must give up to the necessity of constant air travel?” Egads. I better jump the Animation Mentor ship now…

  • Chris

    Wow! That is some cool software, too bad about that hardware though.

  • Clement

    Blender has had a Windows Mobile port for 5 years

  • Is there any animation software for the android OS?

  • Randy Pilch

    Also Verto Studio 3D for iPad and Verto Studio 3DM for iPhone/iPod Touch exports in .OBJ which is supported at shapeways. So make it in Verto Studio and print it out for real at shapeways!!! Awesome!

  • Thomas Jung

    Have you tried the Artist3D app. It’s a complete 3D modeler for the iPad.

  • Pat

    Does anyone know which program the property brothers use