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“A Monster In Paris” English Trailer

Produced by Luc Besson, Bibo Bergeron’s A Monster In Paris looks gorgeous… but the story, about a giant singing flea, seems a bit slight. Hope I’m wrong. It opens in France in October. No U.S. distributor or release date yet, but here’s the English language trailer:

  • I honestly can’t wait to see this, it looks fantastic.

    The voiceover for the English trailer, on the other hand, is horrible. Totally the wrong tone, and annoying in any case. Glad it won’t be in the actual movie, although it might drive a few people away.

  • Besides Rio and Rango, this looks pretty interesting. Your basic Beauty and the Beast or Frankenstein story but with a bit more originality.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  • My friend and I were just comparing the English and the French trailers and we were noticing that the mouth movements don’t really match up with the French voiceover… did the studio match the mouth movements to the English voiceover despite the fact that the movie was made and is going to be initially released in France?

    And I agree with Kelseigh that I prefer the French voiceover (especially the monster’s singing voice!), but I’m sure it’ll be an audio option when the DVD comes out… :)

    • Morgan

      Yes, they used the english track for the lipsync. I wish they had used the french one, because that’s more fitting to the atmosphere, but the non-matching mouth movements are going to annoy me too much in that version.

    • jerome

      Sean Lennon is doing the monster’s voice in english.

  • Beautiful! Wishing all the best for this unique-looking film. Bon chance Bibo! Bien des choses à tous!

  • L

    This english trailer is far more appealing than the french one. In fact, it’s the first time I find it interesting. (And i’m french)

  • So its like “The Phantom of the Opera?”

    Otherwise, the music’s very catchy!

  • Man, whoever cut that trailer needs to go back to editing school. The original French one was much spookier and dramatic.

    Otherwise the film looks fantastic. And can it get a distributor already!!! I might need to learn French at this rate.

  • It’s very refreshing to see both character and background design pushed a bit outside the standard-issue conception of most animated features.

    Ever since seeing the pre-production work for this film at the Annecy Festival, I’d hoped to be involved in this project– however another European CG feature came up at the same time.

    Congratulations to the talented animators and all the fine artists associated with this film!

  • Daniel

    character design still looks standard-issue to me!

  • Sarah

    Nice to hear it in English, but I have to say I’m liking the voices of the French version a little more… maybe because I saw the French trailer first?
    Also the tone of this trailer seems totally different than the French one… this one seems more little-kiddish (it’s probably the voiceover that’s making me think this), whereas the other has a more intriguing air to it.

  • You had me at ‘giant singing flea’.

  • Baron Lego

    I came across a song from the film on YouTube and have been stuck in a loop listening to it over and over again:

    • Mr. James

      Thanks SO much for posting this link! I’m on the search for the soundtrack now just to have that song on my ipod. Great stuff! Can’t wait to see this.

    • Same here.

  • Zippythezippy

    Looks good to me in any language. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Gobo

    The French trailer looks like a movie I’d love to see — really gorgeous, and nice voice work.

    The English one still looks lovely, but the way it’s cut makes this look like any generic wacky-action-with-snarky-humor animated movie circa 2011.

  • I’m seeing a rather significant problem ahead for how I might enjoy a film like this… that being the songs. Specifically, there’s a reasonable chance the songs in English will be a bit different than the songs in French, isn’t there? Beyond the timing and syntactical differences of the languages, actually singing in each language will likely require different acting and directing approaches. At least, I should think so… unless one language track is a literal translation of the other, which would be very unfortunate.

  • Jasmine

    Movie looks great, dubbing sucks. Why is it that as soon as a good foreign movie comes out we Americans jack it up with horrible dubbing.

    Subtitles exist for a reason!

    Stop ruining movies!

  • Looks pretty darn good to me. Much better than what seems to always get made here.

  • Glowworm

    I have no idea what the heck I just watched–but now I really want to see it. Said “monster” looks really awesome, and I have a feeling that I will love the monkey. (That scene where he holds up the “not guilty” sign was gold.) Also, that song is insanely catchy.

    Looks much better than what the American cinema has to offer this fall. (Puss in Boots, Happy Feet 2)

  • Okay, I don’t speak French, but I feel like the French trailer was way nicer, with a lot more charm and style than this one, at least visually, since that’s all I can judge. This one just seems like a generic “zany” animated film trailer. For me it looks like they decided that they need more action, less atmosphere for the American audience.

    I still want to see this very, very much, though.

  • Glowworm

    It’s the classic “Never trust a trailer” symptom. The American dubbed trailer makes it look like a zany, silly movie when in reality, it’s probably a tad more sophisticated and serious–much like how the first Lilo and Stitch movie was depicted in trailers as being a wacky alien movie when it was actually more serious–and had a lot of heart.

  • Richard Cardenas

    Yeah, this looked more interesting when I saw it in the French language. For one, it’s set in France and the voices sound a lot more suiting. The English just sounds annoying and makes it sound like a generic silly kid’s film. The french trailer made it sound more serious, touching, and interesting. It made me feel that this film was going to be magic and grace the theatre with a unique charm. Plus, La Seine sounds a lot better in French than whatever English lyrics they’re filling in for the US. I will probably still see it to support the film itself but I’ll be eagerly waiting for the DVD so I can set it in French. Or if I’m lucky they’ll be releasing the film in French in a theatre somewhere.

  • Burn

    Interesting comments. I’m a native French speaker for what it’s worth, and I prefer the English trailer. Makes it look more exciting and charming, whereas the French one seemed to lack a soul to me. As for the voice acting, I’m personally pleasantly surprised by this version, and the same goes for the song. The voices seem to suit the characters and don’t sound annoying to me.

  • Dann

    Hey someone knows if it is gong out in america i really would love to see it

  • PssttCmere

    I loved this movie!!