“A Robot’s Life” by Elad Offer “A Robot’s Life” by Elad Offer

“A Robot’s Life” by Elad Offer

A cute concept that doesn’t wear out its welcome, A Robot’s Life was written and directed by vfx artist Elad Offer. Animation supervision is by Jacob Bergman and character animation by Derek Kent. (Just in case it’s unclear, the robot and boombox are both animated.)

  • Ricky B

    Robots doing the robot is my favourite thing ever. His little footsteps in the first half seem to work really nicely with the soundtrack too. Well done sir.

  • What is the song at the beginning?

    It has an early ’70s AM Gold feel to it.

  • Isaac

    Small things trying to haul big things is a cartoon staple. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen an ant, squirrel, toy, baby, or even a full-grown cartoon character try to manipulate something heavy, where often the scene concludes with the character taking a running start at the object.

    This clip doesn’t really covey how heavy the boombox is or how hard the robot struggles, especially since the robot’s movements are way too articulate for a toy.

    The “robot doing the robot” isn’t new either – especially since the very same design was featured on Blue Sky Studios’ Robots.

    • matt

      Very same design? Sure they are both red, but design wise, this one is more based on the tin toys of yore.

  • fun.

    I liked the anticipation alot more than the payoff which perhaps was the point. I think the running at the boombox section worked well and I felt a sense of how heavy the boom box was because he had try a couple of times to get the box moving. then he had to keep that momentum going. that read well to me and made me smile because it was very effective. great timing too. nice job, sirs

  • Chris Webb

    I like the robot’s funny little walk.

  • Robbo

    reflections of the passing vehicles in the boombox would have really helped this.