A Soothing and Magical Cartoon A Soothing and Magical Cartoon

A Soothing and Magical Cartoon

Following the contentious Ottawa poster debate that spanned across eight or so blogs, I think we all need something soothing and magical in our lives. We could use a little Whale Magic.

The Olde English Blog does a nice job of explaining why this is the BEST THING EVER.

  • Isaac

    How many more of these blurbs about terrible, unmarketable, artistic-merit devoid stabs at animation? Perhaps start another site that deals exclusively with such?

  • FP

    Ambergris stays crunchy, even in milk.

  • Ahhhhhhhh…..thank you.

  • Ariel

    Aww… I’ve forgoten ALL about that poster debate now.

    Thanks AMid :)

  • Lukey


    that was SO awesome. That JJK is one hell of a mind… why on earth did he NOT become president???

  • Fantastic song.

    “It’s a Whaaaaale of a tale about erm…Whaaaales that erm…do something I don’t know WHAAAAAALES.”

  • Jay Sabicer

    The clip is less than two minutes, and I couldn’t bear watching more than 15 seconds. Reading the blog, I was also saying to myself – “This has gotta be a joke, right?” Created by a would-be politician, who happens to be named John Kennedy. Ich bin ein flimflammer!

  • Do I hear a laugh track?

    My favorite scene has to be :52 to 1:10, where you can’t tell what the heck is swimming around until it turns and the vocals go, “it’s a whale, whale, whale!”

  • Ziggy

    I will still come here to read up on animation news and to see links to neat films and such, but it’s starting to become taxing to see that every other post is a thread filled with angry, one-sided opinions and unnecessary pot-shots taken at people on a site such as this. There’s a difference between “the Animation Conversation” and “taking every opportunity to put down people who don’t share my world view.” I could do without it, thanks.

  • Jason

    This video gives ample proof as to why whales shouldn’t accessorize.

  • If it weren’t for negative posts, this place would have been a ghost town this week.

  • wow. just wow.

  • Artisticulated

    After doing a little checking, I found that JJK is quite the delusional scam artist. The vid’s funny. Too bad it’s from such a creep.

  • prep
  • Captain

    good lord

  • AaronSch

    “This video gives ample proof as to why whales shouldn’t accessorize.” Jason, my cup of coffee just came up through my nose!

  • Ben

    Richter Duck: The Earthquake Preparedness Duck sounds beyond amazing.

  • Whale Magic is as great as FIVE BARNEYS!

  • I remember 25 years ago or so when techno-pundits were raving about what a better world we would have when computers “democratized” media production and all the gatekeepers would be out on their ass and anyone could pursue their movie-making dream.

  • Some Chick

    I made it about three minutes into the “explanatory” video Prep linked. It seems a little too believable to be an elaborate satire. And I’d personally rather see the movie about Richter Duck.

  • Harpooning them seems far less cruel after this.

  • may I use “Blecch” to describe this, or is that immature?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    This reminded me way too much of the “Dance Of The Hours” sequence from Fantasia. Sure it looks kinda nice, though not as visually stunning as the “Pines of Rome” flying whales from Fantasia 2K.

  • Bailee

    Is the theme song sung by a Tom Jones impersonator? He is, after all, whale-sh.

  • rextherunt

    Wow, educational. I’d never thought of whales as ‘critters’ before. Do the Japanese force them to wear those enormous top hats?

  • How many “Save the Whales, Rainforests, etc” propaganda can little kids take being inundated with before they finally snap and start killing everything?

  • How many “Save the Whales, Rainforests, etc” propaganda can little kids take being inundated with before they finally snap and start killing everything?

    So by that logic the incessant psychotic anti-enviroment propaganda which far outweighs it will cause kids to snap and start saving everything? Cool! ^____^

  • Andy

    Where’s Monstro when you need him?

  • John Kennedy

    OK YOU GUYS! I’m glad you all had so much fun at my expense. Actually, it’s OKAY as long as it’s not defaming. I have to admit I loved the one from Jason about “accessorizing!” Very funny!

    Now do something nice for the whales, not mine per se, but the awesome and majestic creatures in the sea. Do something creative and positive for them. They are in peril. WE have to be their voice.

    Take care and I’d like to hear (something positive) from you.

    All the best!

    Mr. Kennedy

  • John, why don’t you take all the money you have stolen in their name and donate it to greenpeace you lying crook. You have cheated almost 50 people out of thousands upon thousands of dollars. You claimed to be a Kennedy, you claim to be an award winning author, you claim to have gone to Harvard, you claim to be an award winning speaker … everything …. all lies. Your whole life is a lie.