Between Bears by Eran Hilleli Between Bears by Eran Hilleli

Between Bears by Eran Hilleli

The best part about Eran Hilleli’s Between Bears is the distinctive style he crafted using Maya and After Effects. The graduation short was made at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. If you can read any meaning into the film, I’d be curious to hear your take; all I took from this short is that old men love butterflies made out of bear fur. Then again, I may still be a bit slow after my weekend getaway.

(Thanks, Nate Pacheco)

  • Vee

    a bunch of friends and i thought about global warming, a bear shaving hairs and the polar one on his tiny chunk of ice ….. and these bears dudes are telling men to wake up.

    but i have a feeling this isnt really the point of the movie…

  • Hal

    You know what they say about honey bears when you shave off all their baby hairs: you have a hairy minded pink bare bear.

    Suck it every other animated bear thing on this site right now! That includes YOU Yogi Bear!

  • Chelsea

    I love the style in this short- it reminds me of “Please Say Something” – The film maker doesn’t hide the fact that its computer animation yet the film retains a certain emotion and expression.

    I see the meaning of this short more to do with the filmmaker and how creativity is accompanied by critique and judgment…

    … maybe?

  • I assumed Global warming too. Shedding hair, and the people left staring into an unknown future at the end. Regardless, it’s a beautiful film.

  • Aw man, it’s great, but I’m really digging his 3 and a half seconds about life…

  • I just caught this yesterday; it looks lovely on all accounts (although after my first watch, I certainly struggled to figure out what it was about).

  • Beautiful. I love that simple geometry on the CG models. It looks so illustrative!

  • anon

    clearly it means we shouldn’t hit children.

  • zoolah

    i wouldn’t go with global warming… everybody wears clothes with scarfs and hoods (its not really for a warm weather, specially not for such heat where bears are taking of their fur).

    i rather would go with lack of self confidence. you see the white bear and the black one is the two status of mind (the two extremes if you like). the distance between them is the journey that needs to be walked for peace. The black one who sits in the forrest is losing its attributical fur, the very fur that makes him a “black bear”, by that he is losing the essence of himself. in the meanwhile there are people who recognizes the speciality of this very essence, and who are willing to learn from/love it by following it. and this faith in the essence makes the bear become the true himself once again, but this time with the peace of self confidence. faith of others (friends) restored him and made him stronger.
    this is my bet, but i cant be sure.

    loved the film looks beautyfull

  • Storyguy

    It’s about 5 minutes of good looking visuals.

  • sometimes someone just has images in his head and he can’t get rid of them until he makes them into something and sends them out to the world. Then they get stuck in other people’s heads, but at least his head is clear.

  • I love this geometric look. Of all the styles 3D can emulate, this to me, feels like home. Geometric polygons stripped down to it’s core, yet coloured imaginatively. Fantastic.

  • yonisalmon

    as it was explained to me the two bears are the same one. the black bear in nature has a white skin and the skin of the white bear is black.

    it reminded me a children song about the bear of ice which cannot meet the bear of fire because they illuminate one another. they mustn’t collide for that will be their end.beautiful movie. he is a good classic animator too.

  • KEES

    beautiful short, wonderful style. on what it all means: the black bear shaves himself – so it’s something he wants, not something that happens to him. i’m not sure the ‘men’ following the bear-hair-butterflies are men. first I thought the big one was the bear itself, but that doesn’t fit with the mouth. but look at the small guy: he has a hat with room for two pointy ears, like a rabbit. because you see the shawls hanging in the trees at the beginning, these ‘men’ seem to be coming from the forest, so they are part of nature – not city dwellers, anyway, so no global warming either, I would say. the little guys joining later look like they might be from some kind of cult, little holy men, priests. in the end, the bear-hair-butterflies make the polar bear into a black bear (you can see it’s still the polar bear by its nose). as the black bear did this on purpose (and as they (metaphysically?) connect just before it happens), it looks like a kind of gift. so the question then becomes: why would the black bear want to make the polar bear into a black bear? and why are the men and/or animals watching it happen? so: no real explanation, but a more precise question, maybe, for someone else to answer?

  • It’s about animating what you can with the media you’ve chosen. The story becomes secondary to the effect you think you can create (without really drawing anything.)

    If there is a meaning it’s too obtuse for us to see, hence I doubt there is one. A student film.

    • Anthony

      I would have to disagree with the fact that you say a story becomes secondary to the art that was created for it. All good art, this animation included, have strong story lines of some sort to support what the visuals are communicating. If art does not tell a story of some sort then it is not necessarily good, no matter how aesthetically pleasing it might be. Yet if the story behind a somewhat poor piece of art is strong then it makes the art mean that much more.

      Secondly I disagree with your statement about student works not containing any sort of story. If anything the fact that this movie has sparked up such a conversation of what exactly the meaning behind it is and that you found yourself on this very page commenting about it proves that this piece has a very solid and conceptualized storyline, ambiguous or not.

  • Sydney Carton

    It’s about the Palestinian & Israeli conflict. They may be different breeds but they’re both still bears.

  • Don’t go chasing waterfalls. And bears e-mail with fur butterflies.

  • Jackson

    How did the bear charge his electric razor?

    neat short.

  • mark

    you’re not supposed to get it….
    thats why its called between bears….

    inside joke for bears only