<em>Big Man Japan</em> <em>Big Man Japan</em>
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Big Man Japan

I’ll be first in line for this. A crazy new Japanese CGI/Live action film, opening in March from Magnet Releasing:

  • Jeff P.

    I saw the trailer last night on the Apple site. It looks hilarious.

  • uncle wayne

    i am SO there!! I’ll bring my asian gal-friend!!

  • steppo

    Jumping up and down in excitement!

  • Guffle

    Craziest thing i’ve seen in hours.

  • jordan reichek

    that looks pretty damn incredible! gotta love the japanese…..

  • This was actually on YouTube in its entirety for a while but has recently been taken down. It’s a pretty bizarre film, although it’s not as manic as the trailer would suggest–a lot of it is dryly humorous mockmentary footage of the Big Man’s alter ego. The ending is a real hoot for fans of the Japanese giant monster/ultra-hero genre.

  • The best words for this is: “What the cha?”

  • Dave K

    That looks like just the right kind of bad.

  • Bill Field

    Don’t forget his great, and unassuming secret identity…- Mt. Fuji!
    -that’s no snow on top- IT’S DANDRUFF!

  • Bob

    Someone tell them to paint those weights and check those arcs! Pretty rough is all I can say.

  • Yes.
    I have seen this too and the trailer is somewhat misleading.
    While entertaining, most of the monster silliness is all at the end.

  • I wonder why it gets an R. I tend to figure that Asian action films get their ratings moved up a notch based on MPAA racism.

    I have a kaiju loving nine year-old who would keel over with joy to see something like this.

  • Trevor

    I saw this at SIGGRAPH and laughed my ass off. I’m so glad to see this coming out for English speaking audiences!

    Wait, no. It’s probably a lot funnier NOT knowing what the hell is going on.

  • Life’s too short.

  • This is awesome.

  • Fun stuff, A bit of Zelig, and Hancock with a Monsters vs. Aliens climax.

  • Spike

    I don’t think it’s MPAA racism so much as the fact that one of the monsters has an eyeball on the end of its penis.

  • Dax

    Looks awesome. I wish the characters in more super hero movies looked this fun. I especially like the guy at 1:16 with the Frank Finkerton styled combover.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Who doesn’t love giant monsters? I’m in!

  • joey

    What band is playing in the trailer?