<em>Black Lake</em> by David OReilly and Jon Klassen <em>Black Lake</em> by David OReilly and Jon Klassen

Black Lake by David OReilly and Jon Klassen

An evocative and spare exercise in computer animation by David OReilly and Jon Klassen, who previously collaborated on the U2 music video “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”. The video is intended to be viewed as a loop, and contains a ‘making of’ portion at the end. It’s a revelation seeing how elegantly Klassen’s design-heavy illustrations work can be translated into CG imagery. I’d love to see these guys collaborate on something more substantial in this style.

  • Very nice. It reminds me of Norman McLaren’s C’est l’aviron.

  • Saturnome

    That’s a great link between two of my favorite animators, Norman McLaren and David O’Reilly.

  • OReilly is all thats keeping culture above water.
    His and Jons U2 video was my very favorite thing from last year.
    Though I’ve never actually watched it with the sound on…

  • Amazing … inspirational; inspirational in its simplicity. Since I saw PLEASE SAY SOMETHING and then consumed everything else I could find linked from his website, I’ve been looking forward to whatever else David O’Reilly has a hand in. This addition to the mix is well received.