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Cold Rush

Cold Rush

Cold Rush is a new French student film created by Mikael Lynen, Simon Corbaux, Tristan Urbin and Rémi Certhoux at the Supinfocom school. My enthusiasm for the film was slightly dampened by the plodding pace of storytelling and unsatisfying ending, but the short has a lot going for it including a grand cinematic vision and a well-conceived near-monochromatic production design. As a piece of student CG, it’s undeniably impressive, and from a technical standpoint trumps many professional CG productions. Watch the film HERE (57mb QuickTime file) and read more behind-the-scenes details at

(Thanks, Tim Bjorklund)

  • Chuck R.

    I really liked this too! I thought the pacing was fine for the subject matter. They actually get the story moving pretty quickly. The ending is okay, but what I really liked was the Coen Bros.-style humor throughout. I think they could have left the ice scene, and introduced the bear with a bit more Hollywood-style drama, but overall, a very nice job!

  • Matthew Sanborn Smith

    I thought this was a great film. I don’t share any of your issues with it. Thanks for the link!