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Popular Mobile Game ‘Cut the Rope Heads to Bigscreen


With mobile downloads of over 700 million, Zeptolab’s physics-based online puzzle game franchise Cut the Rope is heading to the big screen.

Tentatively titled after and starring its popular candy-loving main character, the feature Om Nom will be rushed into theaters worldwide by late next year. The feature, which promises “a deeper experience with Om Nom than ever before,” does not yet have a director or distributor locked down, a spokesperson for the Russian gaming company Zeptolab told Cartoon Brew.

Om Nom, which will employ the CG style of the game, will explore the cute monster’s origin story through the eyes of a teenage boy named Evan, who opens a “secret package containing a living scientific experiment,” according to Zeptolab’s press release, thereby unleashing Om Nom, and its insatiable appetite for sweets, upon his tranquil hometown. Evan’s little sister Jordan, government agents, shadowy characters, and other creatures round out Om Nom’s cast, who all want a piece of Cut the Rope’s sugary monster for themselves.

The game’s cinematic metamorphosis is taking a decidely more prudent route than Rovio’s Angry Birds feature, in that it doesn’t boast a production and marketing budget of $180 million. And whereas Angry Birds had a 78-episode television series, Cut the Rope prepped its cinematic crossover with a short-form animated webseries that has logged over 600 million views to date across YouTube and in-game platforms.

“It’s not always possible to include a full plot and character development in a mobile puzzle game, which is why we created the Om Nom Stories YouTube series,” said Zeptolab’s creative director Semyon Voinov, who will executive produce Om Nom with his twin brother, Zeptlab CTO Efim Voinov. “These have been so successful that a full-length animated movie was a logical continuation, and also a great opportunity to tell Om Nom’s story to as many people as possible.”

Om Nom will be produced by Brad Foxhoven and David Wohl of Blockade Entertainment, which is also co-producing an animated feature adaptation of the popular Playstation game Ratchet & Clank with Rainmaker Entertainment. Like Angry Birds and Om Nom, Ratchet & Clank — starring bigshots like Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Sylvester Stallone, and Rosario Dawson — is also slated for arrival next year, a bounty of sorts for fans of game-based animated films.

Zeptolab CEO Misha Lyalin said that they chose to work with Blockade because of their “great record with movie adaptations of video games,” as well as their ability “to make an interesting film without losing the spirit and the style of the original.”

  • April Fools was several months ago….This can’t be real right guys? What’s next? Candy Crush the Movie? Farmville? Indiana Jones and the Temple Run of Doom?

  • Paul M

    Note to producers interested in making a CG cartoon feature: first, start with a STORY.

    • mick

      or, begin with 180 million dollars and a basic premise… we can always airbush on a compelling yarn in post

    • Metlow Rovenstein

      Slaggin’ this. Well, that and well-developed characters.

  • mick

    Forgotten?! Cut the rope is legendary. 700 million downloads! let me put that into perspective, that’s 8 more than 6,999,992

  • Ravlic

    Should we blame Lego the Movie for this influx of bad commercial 0-story films?

    • starss

      Not sure if this is a reflection on your own opinion of The LEGO Movie (it is neither bad, nor 0-story), but I do think it convinced people that little games may have more promise in films that we thought.

      • Ravlic

        I loved Lego Movie, but unfortunately people in charge of greenlighting ideas usually have no idea what actually makes them work. They boil successes like Lego movie down to trivial, nonsensical explanations like “it had a famous singer in the main role” or “It was about fish” or “It was about a popular product”. That’s why we get so many crappy reboots, adaptations and downright knockoffs. People think it’s the cheap surface that makes it work, rather than everything beneath it.

  • J.S

    Harrison Ford could be in the main role.

  • J.S

    Yes it is.

  • starss

    I wouldn’t call Angry Birds forgotten.

  • Rafterman00

    “Popular Mobile Game ‘Cut the Rope Heads to Bigscreen”

    Of course it does.

  • Tvoltage

    This is really exciting! Though the movie may not be up my ally, it’s promising to see new animated films come from different sources. The first movie based on an app! (if the Angry Birds movie doesn’t come out before this that is) Come on now, that’s exciting! Even if it’s admittedly a bit ridiculous of an idea. Don’t give up faith on the directors man, this could turn out amazing at best and just be a strange oddity of a movie that fell flat into obscurity at the worst.

    Hell, even if it promotes more apps to be made into movies, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that. It’s fun to keep an open mind to stuff like this! It’s easy to see this crash and burn but It’s a breath of fresh air into the industry if you ask me, they’re trying new things! And these characters definitely have their charm to them~

    I can easily see children eating this movie up!

  • This is literally the first time I’ve heard of ‘Cut The Rope’ (not a cell phone gamer), but boy; does this seem uninspired from the get go. I can understand games like Minecraft and hell; even Angry Birds being made into movies (even though both are pretty late to the party), but really? REALLY? ‘Cut The Rope’ is so demanding of a movie?

    But, with that being said; this does support a new theory I have: literally EVERYTHING will get a movie someday.