David OReilly and NMA Collaborate on a Short David OReilly and NMA Collaborate on a Short

David OReilly and NMA Collaborate on a Short

The inevitable has happened: CG provocateur David OReilly has partnered with Taiwan’s Next Media Animation, whose mocap news reports are at least as truthful as anything you’ll see in the mainstream media. The resulting short, Children’s Medium Used for Dissemination of Truth, is exactly what you’d expect of a collaboration between these two non sequitur aficionados in that it’s totally unexpected.

  • I can’t wait until these things go meta were they do a mocap short on how a CG mocap short is made.

  • wow.

  • Scott B.

    I’m comforted by the fact that I do not understand that.

    • Jens

      I second that!

  • Let me see if I’m understanding this right…animation is apparently for those who are “mentally soft” and Coca-Cola, Nike and the Nazis are running the world while a bald eagle takes a dump in a human toilet. Am I missing something here?

    • Tim Drage

      Gotta admit I can’t really argue with any of those points.

    • Pretty sure that was a dove, not a bald eagle.

  • You all better not be pulling my chain, because it’s too early for April Fools.

    I’m a biggest fan of both David O’Reilly and NMA for completely different reasons. Though I found the visual collaboration to be seamless, I find difficulty in comprehending O’ Reilly’s message through NMA’s visual stylings. I can see merit in O’ Reilly’s own experiment to see how well he could communicate through a crude and naive NMA style, but I found it a bit too visually jarring for me to pay attention to any underlying messages. I’ll be eagerly refreshing this page to see how others weigh in.

  • god bless us! god bless us one and all.

  • sam

    Nice message though!

  • Yes,more like this please.

  • I believe everything of it.

    Or, more precisely, I will believe it, err, as soon as I will have understood the basics.

  • Philip Thompson

    What’s Taiwanese for “Big-Lipped Alligator Moments?” Because that’s what these mo-capped reports are starting to become, in a sense…