De Blob 2 Trailers by PRA De Blob 2 Trailers by PRA

De Blob 2 Trailers by PRA

The People’s Republic of Animation recently produced these slick vinyl toy-styled launch trailers ahead of the release of de Blob 2, a videogame published by THQ. The Adelaide-based studio also produced some of the in-game cinematics.

Second trailer and credits after the jump:

Developer: Blue Tongue Entertainment
Game Producer: Nick Hagger
Publisher: THQ
Production Company: The People’s Republic of Animation
Director: James Calvert

  • These guys always do such great work! Super appealing visual style and animation!

  • The first game was such a pleasant surprise when it popped up on the Wii a couple years ago. The cut scenes and presentation was so sweet I’m not surprised Syfy (ick) wanted in on this series, and I’m also glad the sequel is on every game console so more people can play it. :)

  • Joshy B

    Top Work fella’s (and Gals n_n) love the timing! great use of colour too.

  • Superb stuff from these guys.
    Always a pleasure working with them.