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Disney’s “Tick Tock Tale” preview

A preview of the latest short from Walt Disney Animation Studios–Tick Tock Tale directed by Dean Wellins. Haven’t heard much about this one although it did screen in Ottawa last week.

(via Matt Jones)

  • Somehow this reminds me of the early Pixar shorts.

    This is like Luxo Jr. but with clocks!

  • Saw this at Annecy before The Princess and the Frog. It’s nice although at times the character acting feels a bit clunky and not as clear as it is in their features. Great to see them experimenting with shorts…if they actually do push the envelope a bit more. Let’s see some daring visuals Disney!

  • Janda

    I dunno…seems like it’s trying to capture the old “Disney magic” but falling far short of it. Will this be funny to today’s kids, when 1/2 of all young males think it’s normal to wear their pants below their butts?

  • Dan Kyder

    It did seem to skid a tad close to mimicking Pixar

    Especially when the other clocks impersonated him and broke into chuckles. Very “For The Birds”

    But I aint complaining. If two studios shorts like this mean them appearing more frequently, great!

  • Looks fun; lots of character.

  • Justin Goran

    I saw the short in ottawa in the international showcase. It was a pretty cute little short, though the short does scream John Lasseter, it kind of reminds me of his graduation film, but that was with lamps not clocks. A cute simple story none-the-less with a basic disney story arc.

    • Pedro Nakama

      I was thinking his college short “Lady and the Lamp.”

      • How am I going to see his college short?

        It’s impossible to find it on the internet.

  • Mike Russo

    More Mickey, Donald or Goofy shorts, please.

    • A.C.

      Minnie and Daisy too-thought it was great to finally do some starring stuff with them, became my fave House of Mouse shorts. :-)

  • Ron Diamond showed this in stereoscopic 3-D at his Show of Shows (don’t miss it if it comes to your town). It also reminded me of Lasseter’s early work, a little Knick Knack and a little Lady and the Lamp. I love the hero clock, like something out of Pinocchio.

  • I saw this at the OIAF. I even got Dean Willins’ autograph immediately afterwards (and I in return gave him one of my cards. I wonder if he still has it). It’s a nice little film. It tells the story well.

  • MichaelDair

    Indeed more Mickey, Donald and Goofy shorts Oswald too.

    But this is cute it seems to have character, and they seem to have heart. I want to see more.

  • Recent news is that this WON’T be shown in front of Tangled.

    Why does Disney keep cheating their audience like this? :(

  • amy

    Also saw it at OIAF–the story wasn’t bad, and the rendering is gorgeous. The look and feel really reminded me of Disney’s old classics, to be honest. Hope to see more stuff done in this vein.

  • Is it me or is this the premise for “Red’s Dream” along with “Tin Toy” sounds?

  • Mr. Critic

    It looked realistic at the start and then…not quite. Perhaps it was the lighting.

    Not that I’m judging it by how realistic it looked, but since I can’t judge story from this clip, I will focus on the art/stylistic choices.

    Seeing the clocks move so smoothly, I didn’t think of it as out of the ordinary. Whereas had it been done in actual stop-motion, I’d have been far more impressed.

    Even Inception impressed me though we’ve been trained to accept CG as an invisible art.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if something fails to grab my eyes, my mind isn’t willing to follow. Like with dating. If there’s no physical attraction, why bother?

    It looks like a ton of work went into this to make a super slick short. And I’m glad they’re doing it. And I applaud those who worked on it.

    But the art direction, based on this 1 minute clip, seems indecisive.

  • Spencer

    Not as genuine as the early works and the main character is problematic. I’m more focused on the guy with the pink underwear than the clock and his torment.

    This might translate differently in the theatre.

  • Jay Sabicer

    I would compare Disney Animation Studios computer division as the ABA versus PIXAR’s NBA status: professional, yet ultimately unsuccessful. Hopefully the best of their crew will get the call to come to Emeryville.

    I’m doubtful that Tangled is going to get the numbers the accountaneers in Burbank feel it necessary to remain viable. Princess & the Frog, though decent compared to conventional 2d fare that came before it, still wasn’t enough, so the 2d division got the axe.

  • theoutsider1983

    Isn’t Winnie the Pooh and Ron Clements and John Muskers next movie going to be 2D?

  • This is nice. It would have been more entertaining if it was set in a JOHNSON SMITH warehouse or an ARCHIE MCPHEE store, with full-tilt brightly-colored absurdly rude novelties instead of one mildly improper clock.

  • At Ottawa they told us that they currently have no plans to release this short. which is sad to me cause it was really good.

  • Paul N

    I’ve seen this twice in the last three days – it’s included in Ron Diamond’s Animation Show Of Shows this year. It’s a terrific short; a shame that Disney has no plans to release it – it’s work great in front of Tangled.

    If you have the chance, see it in stereoscopic. It works somewhat better in 3D than in 2D.

  • TheGunheart

    Am I the only one who thought of the opening shots of the inside of Gepeto’s shop from Pinocchio?

    • Wellins said Gepeto’s workshop was a major inspiration for the shop. He really wanted it to feel warm and cosy, but very small and a little overwhelmed with stuff. The similarity is no coincidence. :)

  • Abu

    Looked like live action footage at first to me and I *did* wonder if it was going to be a stop motion short. I didn’t see enough of it to judge the entire film but the minute clip looks really good. Hope they release this in its entirety.

  • Reminds me of an old BW short i used to watch about living cartoon clocks. The animation is smooth and the colors are crisp and pleasing to the eye but they really should stop using that namby-pamby-bullied-outcast story cliché.

  • Guz

    I thought this is adorable. Nothing new, but still made me laugh a bit.

  • Wow, I like it! It must be a fun and challenging task to give these characters like without faces! Well I know they have CLOCK faces but… you know what I mean.

  • Mac

    What is it with Disney putting the resources into new animated shorts and then dooming them to obscurity? The new shorts program was something I was looking forward to, but not only does it seem off to a slow start, the ones that do get made rarely get a wide release with a feature. I heard that a new short featuring the trio of Mickey, Donald and Goofy was in the works a while ago. I hope it hasn’t been cancelled.

  • Anoniguy

    I’m looking forward to seeing the entire thing, not just a preview. It looks like a lot of fun.

    Mac brings up a good point – seems like they have a lot of shorts coming and then then… you never hear of them again.

    Whatever happened to Glago’s Guest? That was finished and ready to show before Princess and the Frog, I thought, and then… they just never released it? It seems backwards to spend money, time, and creativity on projects only to never show them.

  • NY Animator

    This film is no trailblazer. Pixar was making shorts like these 20 years ago. C’mon Disney, do what you’re good at: 2D animation!

  • Lala_Marin

    There is no reason why I should be laughing as hard as I am. It’s actually a little embarrassing.

  • “I heard that a new short featuring the trio of Mickey, Donald and Goofy was in the works a while ago.”

    I’m afraid it has been. But I hope it can be brought back to life.

    • Mac

      Argh! I’m kind of frustrated by Disney and Pixar’s upcoming slate – it seems every project I’ve been looking forward to has either been cancelled or is in the process of being drastically revised. Meanwhile it’s full steam ahead with the stuff I couldn’t care less for, such as Cars sequels, spin-offs and Tinkerbell movies.

  • Treadwell

    While I agree it is reminiscent of early Lasseter, I don’t think trail blazing is mandatory to produce an enjoyable short.

    My only quibble is that the clock’s initial freakout that results in falling off the shelf is insufficiently motivated. Sure, he’d be creeped out by being stared at, but jump violently around?

    • Spencer Morin

      But hasn’t Pixar/Disney been renowned for trailblazing? I’m sincerely hoping this short will meet their standards. Each time I’ve sat down before a Pixar film, I’ve always looked forward to the short and to hopefully see something new and beautiful. I’m not as hopeful for this one unless there’s an excellent punch line.