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“Doomed”, a new series by the creator of “Pocoyo”


Take Ward Kimball’s crazy space creatures from Mars and Beyond, add some computer animation, and voila, you get this fantastic trailer for Doomed, a new series by Pocoyo co-creator Guillermo García Carsí and his studio El Señor.

Boy, does this look fun! I love Guillermo’s approach to computer animation, which avoids the cacophonous visual overload of most computer animation by making clear and bold artistic choices. It’s what made Pocoyo such a refreshingly different series, and Doomed appears to be on the same track.

According to the site, they’ve just completed the pilot episode. Carsí calls it a biological cartoon that displays the failures of natural selection: “A set of strange creatures whose instincts, instead of focusing on survival, have doomed them to an absurd and comic extinction, in the presence of the astonished gaze of the narrator.”

(Thanks, Rohit Iyer)

  • Very Interesting.

  • FP

    Can’t wait to see DOOMED. I have all the POCOYOs and can watch them, hypnotized, for hours. Why isn’t this stuff aired in the US?

  • pappy d

    Damn, that looks like fun!

  • Paul N

    Pocoyo rocks, and I can’t wait to see this series.

  • Taber Dunipace

    Oh man! I loved Pocoyo and this looks even better!

  • diego

    I can’t believe how great it looks. I’m really really really interested.

  • Adam

    Wow. I can’t wait, and I just found out my local library has Pocoyo.

  • Steve Gattuso

    This looks exceptionally silly and I look forward to seeing the series.

  • Michael

    Can anyone tell me what kid’s broadcaster will air a show that has creatures dying and being cut in half and/or dismembered on screen? It’s been my experience that such things are anathema.

    • Paul N

      It’s pretty clear that this isn’t a kid’s show. It’s by the same guy who created a kid’s show, but that’s not the same thing.

  • AltredEgo

    What exactly does this have to do with Ward Kimball?

    I don’t see his name anywhere in the credits, so why does he mentioned first instead of the people who actually came up with and produced this work?

    If the work is derivative, why not throw up an image comparison to substantiate your claim? If not, why can’t the actual creators get independent credit without shoehorning the 9 Old Men in as though they are somehow the wellspring from which every creative endeavour flows?

    • amid

      Ward Kimball, Ward Kimball, Ward Kimball.

      • AltredEgo

        I stand corrected.

  • WOW! WOW, oh WOW!
    This looks great!

    Love the designs.
    Love the (look at it and shake your head in disbelief).
    Smart humor!

    Love it!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Actually, the studio’s “showreel” is pretty astounding. Just click on the tab…

  • Looks great! Can’t wait for that first episode…

  • Elissa

    I love Pocoyo and i can’t wait to see this new show! <3

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


  • Azz


  • This…looks…awesome!!! My animation teacher introduced me to Pocoyo just today. And yes, I too love the way the creator chooses to use computer animation. Very refreshing.

  • Great idea! These images look nice!

    Where can we see the pilot? The link doesn’t take us there.


  • JG

    Wonderful idea well executed. Can’t wait. :]

    Ariel – look for a “play” icon at that page, it is cleverly hidden right in the center of the screen. When you find it – click it.

    • *Thanks JG! I must be getting old :S

      Ya, this clip looks amazing. Interesting to see how there’s no BG’s too. This is definitely looks fresh and exciting.

      Great job Guillermo.

  • Guillermo García Carsí is so amazingly creative! I’m really excited for this!

  • Caresse

    I LOVE Pocoyo. When I first saw it on tv, I missed the title sequence so my sister and I searched all over the Internet to find it.

  • This news has made my day! :)

    If this new series is even 1/2 as good as Pocoyo, it
    will still be an absolute treat… I am betting it is wonderful.

    (Ahhh, Pocoyo just plain makes me happy).

    I love that they are going for a different aesthetic with
    this new series, too. (Although, can it even GET any more appealing than Pocoyo)? ;)

  • Tim Douglas

    From the creator of Pocoyo…how could I not be on board?

    when, when when?