“Dubstep Dispute” by Jason Giles “Dubstep Dispute” by Jason Giles

“Dubstep Dispute” by Jason Giles

Light and noise creatively mixed by Colorado-based Jason Giles.

  • HA! It’s funny.
    And extremely well made.
    Maybe the red robot could have gone back to his room at the end, the credits part felt a bit still.

  • AMAZING!!! I love Dubstep and this is just awesome!

  • Nathan Wilson

    I’m guessing the that the pan falling was meant to signify, “The drop”. I gotta say I loved the huge change in atmosphere!

  • Nice work ! Great sound interpretation and lightning contrast !
    I’m not on dubstep but hey, robots !

  • I wonder what something like this would look like on a giant projection screen at a concert.

  • Jerold Howard

    Dubstep AND robots. I love everything about this film!

  • Y’know, I’ve never really been much into dubstep (actually, I usually leave a the room or change the song when it comes up), but this was pretty damn cool.

    If all dubstep had robots, I think I’d be more into it.