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“Easy Walker” by David Lewandowski

Should I post this CG short by LA-based animator David Lewandowski?

Oops, too late. I just did. It’s received over 2 million views in seven days, which certainly proves something, though I’m not sure what. David also was the lead animator on the title sequence of Tron: Legacy.

  • Is that bad skinning or just bad poly-flow modeling?

    • Justin

      its mo-cap legs,waist, and what appears to be messing with the top half of the body with either bad mocap data or noise applied to it and in some parts it almost appears like rubber simulation on the top torso.

      what ever the technique, it sure is ridiculous to the point of hilarity, when I saw this the day he posted it I just knew it was going to go viral, it’s just too ridiculous for the internet to ignore.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I kinda thought it was a PSA informing you not to do that on the stairs. :-P

  • Phil


  • 2011 Adult

    That last sentence sounds so misplaced, I am reminded of Mad Libs!

  • Arturo

    This video gives the expression “WTF?” a totally new meaning XD

  • This thing is a perfect delight.
    I watched it maybe fifteen times the day it went live.

  • Mat H


  • I loved it! Give me moreeee!!! So funny.

  • victoria

    first time viewing 0.o , second viewing XD

  • People like funny, that’s what it proves.

  • The shadow mapping when he passing under trees, posts is awesome. Hilarious.

  • Bob Harper

    I laugh every time I see this!

  • At least he’s using the medium to it’s full potential!

  • timmy elliot

    Loved it. A great parody of those auto-animating-auto-walking-complete-with-dynamics systems.

  • Painfully weird. He has the right idea; silliness, but the character is so grotesque & unappealing that it is difficult for me to watch. It is not exactly John Cleese doing crazy, silly walks in Monty Python

    • snip2364

      I don’t think the goal was to create a pretty and appealing character that can act.

  • TJR

    There is already a spoof of it


  • I prefer the spoof. There you’re watching humans do silly walks – it moves quickly. Watching some cgi construction do walk cycles isn’t entertaining enough for me.

  • Mr. James

    That was the most horrifying creature I could ever imagine. For some reason that thing just tapped into the “fear” center of my brain and just kept pressing the button. I almost turned it off half-way through. That was creepy.

    • Scott B.

      Welcome, Mr. James … welcome to the Uncanny Valley…

    • What you describe is the basis of much successful humor.

  • Celia

    The film and character lighting sells it for me. The sound design is really good, too. Well made CG creepiness!

  • Scott B.

    I busted out laughing at this. My wife said, “What?” I said, “Uhh … never mind; you wouldn’t like it.”

    I am a little a-scared to go to sleep tonight…

  • LOL!

    Finally, something “non serious-like” from 3D ;)

  • It proves 3D folks have a sense of humor. Who knew?! ;)

  • Spencer

    MoCap sucks… Unless you use it like this…

  • Scottish animator David Byers Brown has been making for years a very interesting version of The Odyssey in a style similar to this. Here is an extract: http://www.davidbyersbrown.com/

  • Brad Constantine

    Most of my non CG friends were mainly trying to figure out what it was. Those of us who use 3d can tell that besides the silly walks,and odd character movement,that the motion tracking, the lighting,the shadow effects, and the overall immersion of the character into the shots were very well done.The catchy music adds to the sillyness and lightens the tone,(different music would really change the mood on this)and the sign at the end is a brilliant touch. It’s great to see what else really goes into a modern CG/LiveAction shot besides the character performance.All my kids could say was “Dad, why is he naked?”

    • Scott B.

      Brad, I really have no experience creating CGI — the closest I’ve come is playing around with Poser, which will give you some wacky stuff sometimes (while often NOT giving you natural poses no matter how hard you try), but I immediately and perhaps intuitively “got” this short. I can imagine how Lewandowski had inadvertently created some CG weirdness that inspired the thought that it would be funny to see such a nutty figure prancing around in a real-world setting, and then went to town on the idea. It’s inspired, and endlessly hilarious to me.

      But it’s almost so esoteric that a lot of people just don’t seem to be able to figure out what the joke is. My generally hip and intelligent teenage daughter watched it without making a sound. When it was over, she said, “is that a real guy?”

      As for the music … the first time I watched it without sound and immediately started laughing, but the music really does take it to a whole other level of funny. I noticed the butterfly too. Very funny touch.

    • me

      LOL my 2 year old just waved at him, he didn’t know what to say while I was laughing hysterically.

  • Brad Constantine

    oh yeah, my favorite part is the butterfly…awesome!

  • Al jordan

    Looks like a reject from an android factory (the character did act android-like in some scenes, especially the end part)or a fugitive from Second Life. I’m also guessing the animator probably used some randomly-fed code for the character’s movements and just let loose. Come to think of it, I wonder if the animator was stoned at the time he made this. Hell, it even looks like a hallucination from a bad acid trip. Hilarious and disturbing at the same time. This video should even probably come with a warning for people who suffer epileptic siezures.

  • I can assure that many who have been playing videogames can be somewhat related to this short… when a glitch happens, this is what you usually see :P.