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ELA in Love at First Byte


Co-director Fernando Sarmiento descibes ELA in Love at First Byte to me as, “A weird mix between She Ra, Tron and Flash Gordon.” It also happens to be a fun and graphically appealing piece of computer animation combined with live actors. It was produced by the Argentinian motion graphic studio PepperMelon. Check it out:

  • Did anyone notice the references to Thundercats and The Neverending Story? There may have been a few other references too I might not have noticed…

  • Marc Baker

    That was kinda neat. I like the 3D ‘Tron’ like graphics, and the nods to Filmation. Particularly, the ‘Lou Schimer, Norm Prescott’ wheel.

  • Wow. That’s damn cool. Funny how the film is so heavily influenced by very recognizable sources, and yet comes across as very unique and original!

    A lot of great attention to detail; I especially loved the music and sound effects.

  • A deep fried gold sandwich.
    That’s bloody brilliant.

  • decembre

    Bravo!!! me thinks the homage to Filmation is fantastic.

  • Ché, qué loco! ^.^

  • Ryan

    Wow that was cool! I love south american women!!!!

  • that woke me up after a exhausting day. the best thing i’ve seen all day.

  • doug holverson

    Also a reference to Taarna flying over the desert and in the temple from Heavy Metal.

    So, what’s with the square belly?

  • Mike

    Any homage to Filmation automatically must cost at least twenty-seven times what a genuine Filmation product would. It’s a law of nature.

  • FP

    Skin-tight white panties on a ample bottom? Trumps animation. I don’t even remember what I just watched – but it’s good.

    Did Cartman just say sh*tballs to the principal?

  • Larry T

    Ok that was cool. I also liked the references to Space Invaders and Super Mario Bros… ahhh, all things ’80s. Very creative.

  • Chuck R.

    Everyone agrees this is great, and everyone cites the oh-so-clever pop culture references. Am I the only one not in on the joke?

    Someone’s gotta say it: The Emperor’s got no clothes.