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Elk Cloner

Elk Cloner

It’s an encouraging sign for the development of CG animation that we are increasingly seeing young artists creating computer work that is non-photoreal and more evocative than descriptive. A prime example of this is a piece we wrote about a while back: RGBXYZ by David O’Reilly. A more recent bit of stylized CG that came my way is the short Elk Cloner by student filmmaker Jason Fletcher, aka Isoceles, who created it at SAIC. Even after reading the artist statement and supporting documentation (Elk Cloner was an early computer virus that infected the Apple II), I can’t say I have much of a clue of what it’s about. But is a piece worth recommending, and features an original filmmaking voice combined with a refreshingly abstract approach to CGI.

  • Tom Pope

    Not necessarily my cup of tea. However, I can’t help but notice this has received no comments, in contrast to the 30 about missing Disney films and the 18 about the animated cat. Things that challenge one’s tastes and are produced in a thoughtful manner are worthy of discussion, positive or negative. Sorry if this sounds soapboxy (Is that better or worse than “animationy”?) but I’m making my own film right now (traditional 2D) and I admire this artist for going out on a limb.

    BTW- I like that cat too, and I’m a Disney junkie from way back.