“Enthiran” Is A Crazy Live-Action/CGI Film from India “Enthiran” Is A Crazy Live-Action/CGI Film from India
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“Enthiran” Is A Crazy Live-Action/CGI Film from India

Check out this insane footage from the Tamil film Enthiran, which is the most expensive film ever made in India. Keep watching and the CG just gets nuttier and nuttier. In terms of graphic bravado and sheer ridiculousness, this puts American superhero films to shame–a true live-action cartoon.

(Thanks, Christy Karacas)

  • That just got better and better as it went along. The Terminator would get its arse handed to it by this robot!

  • That reminds me of cyriak’s work! Should have been cyborg teddy bears.

  • He´s like a normal size badass version of the Oompa Loompas in Tim Burton´s Willy Wonka.

    • Guz

      hahaha agreed!

  • for some reason this reminded me of how unoriginal the burly brawl was from the matrix reloaded

  • HILARIOUS!! I’d tell you my favourite part but I don’t want to spoil it.

  • Astonishing!

  • Hal

    For the record – the action choreographer for this Bollywood film was Yeun Woo-Ping, the fight choreographer of classic HK flicks like LEGEND OF DRUNKEN MASTER, IRON MONKEY, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON and KUNG FU HUSTLE as well as a few western films you may have seen… like the MATRIX TRILOGY and KILL BILL.

  • Looks great. The crazy robot stuff may overcome the inherently unpleasant nature of Bollywood films.

    • And maybe it will even conquer the inherently dull nature of American films!=p

    • Maybe it will also overcome the inherently unpleasant nature of your posts.

  • Ron

    You know in the pre-internet era, this whole sequence would now be ripped off in an American film. And they’d spend ten times as much to do it.

  • red pill junkie

    it’s like The Matrix, Terminator 1 & 2, Transformers, Anaconda AND The Mask all wrapped into one curry-flavored enchilada!

    Now I can die in peace :)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s like the work of a bored 8th grader in science class! This is what goes through his mind while plotting down the action in his 3-ring notebook!

  • Hahahahahahahah! Hahahahahhahahahahhahaha! Hahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhaahha!

    Ok, let me breathe for a second…


    This is juts about the most ridiculous looking film preview I’ve ever seen.


  • where’s the dance sequence?

    • There are some clips of them online, if surprisingly few. Though there are different romanizations I’ve seen it called so might be worth searching under more than one of them. Should be a DVD or even Blu-ray Disc with subtitles in numerous languages sometime soon, if the distribution of mainstream Telugu films is anything like that of the Hindi ones I’m more familiar with, as the film had it’s worldwide release last Autumn.

      And dips on being the first annoying pedant to point out that this a product of the Telugu-language film industry centred in Hyderabad, technically not “Bollywood” which is the Hindi-language industry based in Bombay. But I’ll presume it’s the genre of mainstream films with post-dubbed dialogue and lip-synced song sequences that is meant and let it fly.

      • Smitha

        Actually, it’s a Tamil-language film, not Telugu. The main actor is a fairly big name in Tamil cinema. But thanks for calling out that it’s in fact not Bollywood. :) A lot of people don’t know the difference.

  • Karen

    Are you WATCHING THIS, Michael Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer, et al…? See how clearly things are STAGED and TIMED? See how un-obvious and insanely imaginative this is? Your “stories” don’t make sense either, but I’d sure as hell rather watch THIS!!!


  • Scott B.

    It must be weird to fight yourself like Indian Gene Simmons there had to. On some level you must want your robot self to win. :-)

    Crazy physics aside, that was one of the most imaginatively mesmerizing action sequences I’ve seen in a long time. The nine minutes flew by (and rolled and swatted and skated…)

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Very much a rip on the Matrix films, complete with a character who looks very like an Indian Lawrence Fishburn.

  • Snake made out of dudes. Isn’t that worth the cost of a ticket?

  • Liked it!!!=) Felt like a weird dream!
    Want to see the whole movie now!:3

  • Autumn

    It was so ridiculous and corny…and yet it was AMAZING. And it kept getting better and better. I would much rather pay to see something like this in 3D any day.

  • pizzaforeveryone

    i can’t stop watching this

  • Caresse

    Awesome! I hope to see more stuff like this coming out of India! They have such a big talent pool of CG artists, they should definitely take advantage of that more often.

  • I like how they duplicate the robot character over and over again. (and the explosions and the guns too) It reminds of the cut and paste commands I use on my computer every day. Very imaginative.

  • Mr. James

    I think it’s GREAT! I have to say that it was extremely inventive and imaginative and unlike a lot of what Hollywood is churning out, I was entertained! It looked like Terminator, The Matrix & THE MASK all got together to have a huge action packed baby. I think I’ll have to locate this one and watch the entire thing.

    Also, and I know I’m throwing some logic into what was obviously pure fantasy, did anyone else find themselves thinking, “Wait a minute, that snake and giant robot was created using a LOT more robot clones than the big ball at the beginning?” It was like they were just appearing out of nowhere!

    Loved it!

  • Im just speechless…

    On a second thought, I would rather watch this film entirely that the new Live Action+CGI Smurfs!

  • OM

    …As much as I don’t particularly care for Bollywood/Delhiwood/Calcuttawood flicks, this one I actually look forward to seeing the dubbed version. There will no doubt be a sequel, but the question is how will you top this first effort?