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Fantasmagorie 2008

Fantasmagorie 2008Fantasmagorie, a new CG remake has been produced called Fantasmagorie 2008. The film is the brainchild of Rastko Ciric, a professor at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. The film also incorporates the footage from Émile Cohl‘s original 1908 film. The film can be viewed in its entirety at

The film had its premiere in Paris last month during a retrospective of the films of Emile Cohl. Upcoming screenings include the Nitrate Film Festival in Belgrade and the Hiroshima International Animation Festival. A stereoscopic 3D version also exists.

(Thanks, Karl Cohen)

  • It’s really great to see something like this. I’ve actually talked to people in the industry who think Winsor McCay was the first animator… ever. I feel so much better after seeing this.

  • Rick R.

    That was a lot of fun… 3D and educational, but in the sense of giving history, not “life lessons” on how to be yourself, etc.

    Thanks for sharing the link. I really enjoyed it.

  • Yet the CG version of the characters are much less expressive and appealing than the hand-drawn originals… a whole century after. As a 2D animation fan, I’d say that’s a symptom or something…

    It is a good tribute to Cohl though.

  • it’s funny when you realize this art is only 100 years old! i like the integration of emile cohl’s work within it, and the green vr type wire-frame look. cute short!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This was rather impressive and a nice homage to a ‘first’ of it’s kind.

  • Kind of goofy that in order to drive home the point that it was done with computers!! the graphics took a bent that’s rather more 1978 than 2008…