First Trailer for Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania” First Trailer for Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania”
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First Trailer for Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Hotel Transylvania”

Hotel Transylvania

It’s an international trailer. Watch it at

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  • PD

    is it just me or is that link/video broken?

    • amid

      Link & video both work fine for me.

  • Ferdinand

    Link works for me too.
    This was surprisingly fun… the animation has a very energetic spirit and they made some very unusual decisions (the vampire’s hovering “walk”). The many silhouette moments are really interesting…
    I am looking forward to it.

  • Dan Kyder

    Okay, I might have misjudged this one in the same way I did for Meatballs.

    Was not impressed at all by the “first look” things (to me, they looked like the typical Brazillian knockoff version of the main studio films), but seeing it motion makes it look much more interesting and fun

    I probably shouldn’t make my “meatballs” mistake again, and actually go see this one prior to the DVD sale

  • Roberto

    I can see it alright.

    Looks entertaining. I only see Tartakovsky’s style in those cool flat shadow moments, but the designs , if not too different from other CGIs, are appealing and funny to look at.

    I don’t understand Russian so I can’t tell if the jokes are good or not, but it doesn’t seem to be your typical Adam Sandler movie-which is good.

    For some reason I find the backgrounds of the castle a little ugly, video-game-like, but it’s a minor nitpick.

    It will probably be pretty good, I wouldn’t expect less from Mr. Tartakovsky.

  • Phil

    It’s broken for me too PD.
    Anyone comes across a mirror of the trailer, It’d be very nice of them to share it.

  • cbat628

    Color me optimistic!

  • Hank

    Truly awful. So badly timed and staged. If that’s what nearly $200 million can afford, time to cut the cord. Wow.

    • wever

      What would you about Sony’s ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’?

  • joec

    The video’s in Flash, so it won’t show if you’re on an iOS device.

    Hm! Nice seeing Genndy working. Kinda funny this particular preview is in Russian, being Genndy’s native lanuage.

  • M. Seegz

    Oh. I thought this was going to be a TV series for some reason.

    As long as it’s not, that means it’s a lot shorter than a TV series, so any chance to not that much of Adam Sandler is okay by me.

    • M. Seegz

      *not SEE that much of Adam Sandler, I meant to say.

  • Nate

    Some amusing moments in the trailer with the silhouettes. Have no idea what to expect from the film.

  • Ryan

    Kind of odd the actors are credited in the Russian trailer.

  • Skip

    It’s piqued my interest. The most amusing part of the trailer is the fact that it’s in a foreign language, then at the end it shows the names of the voice actors who obviously have no part in the foreign language version.

  • Kevin

    I have to admit, it does look funny and appealing. This could be like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, where the animation and slapstick are what makes the film standout the most.

  • John A

    I happen to like monster humor, so I’m hoping this is good. Note to Sony: your movie would’ve had a much more realistic budget if you hadn’t spent it all on high priced voice ‘talent’.