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Fly Me To The Moon

It’s getting crowded in outer space. In addition to Wall•E and Space Chimps, nWave Pictures is releasing Fly Me To The Moon, a 3-D animated family film this August in Imax Theatres (hence the overt science angle). Trailer below, production blog here.

  • AutisticAnimator

    I had noticed the sci-fi trend a long time ago…If Don Bluth or Richard Williams came back with the adaptation of the graphic novel “Laika,” this would be a much brighter year for animation than it has been on ‘Brew….

  • I take it, this trailer is another installment on the ‘Brew’s apparent “Coming Soon in Terrible cartoons,” I can only conclude:
    Are producers specifically choosing the worse animation quality, poorest design, most generic storylines in an all-out effort to kill the industry?
    Or is this some kind of colossal negative-reinforcement to spur the next generation of artists to create exponentially greater work?

  • Tommy


    I think that trailer’s the most boring thing I’ve ever seen.

    I wouldn’t go see that movie for anything less than $60 + free popcorn.

  • Carlos Romero

    That wasn’t pretty at all. This is direct to DVD material right here. Reminds me of the low quality of Hoodwinked.

  • Keith Paynter

    Actually, I’m kind of intrigued. It is after all, an Imax film. Not all their live action films are winners either. Some of those wide angle shots should be interesting 6 stories tall, and probably will look better in the intended 3-D presentation.

    But, can we please do away with all the Apollo 13 footage lift-offs, er, rip-offs?

  • for a second I thought this post was going to be about that Neon Genesis Evangelion movie that’s in production hell. Instead it’s another lame low budget CG cash-in flick…

  • The novelty of 3D might have helped the flat acting and one dimensional storyline. But with all the Pixar films after Wall-E in stereoscopic 3D the chances of this film being a successful mission, not so good.

  • PorkyMills

    Generic story….Check
    Generic characters….Check
    Generic jokes….Check
    Generic movie trailer voice over…Check

    I’m willing to bet the entire premise of the story was told in this trailer, which could be a compliment of some sorts.

  • Were they supposed to be flies? They looked more like Rubik, The Amazing Cube.

  • Tissa Tack

    Wow, one’s good at being brave, the other is smart, and the other’s good at…. Being fat -__-‘


  • i know this is supposed to be a family film, but this just spews crap all over the place. i dont even know how to describe it, really…uh..boring, cliche, annoying beyond all hell.. yea, i like that one. its another half-assed film on a full-sized movie screen.

  • ridgecity

    I bet this gotta be one of those movies done by special effects houses that get screenings after pulling levers at the studios. I hope it does good, but I think the bar has raised above this one. The smoke looks nice, but the flies need more work…

  • I could swear this has come to dvd/video already.

  • And that’s not all. The Russian “Center of National Film” studio is making a 3D animated feature about the dogs Belka and Strelka (first dogs in space):

    With a rat sidekick who looks suspiciously like Remy the Rat from Ratatouille (a fact that has been noticed and is in the process of being ridiculed at certain Russian forums… not that it will change much, most likely).

  • MJ

    That looks freakin horrible.

  • Kris

    The characters are a little upsetting to look at. I assume they will be even more upsetting when they are all ten feet tall on the movie screen.

  • Stefano

    The 3 flies have exactly the same characters as the Chipmunks!!!!
    One is the leader (Alvin), the other one the brain (Simon) and the last one is fat and eats all the time (Theodore!)…very bad!!!! ;)

  • Barbara

    It’s funny because it’s so ugly.

  • rachel

    wow. that is some of the most unattractive character design I’ve seen in a while. this makes Bolt look like the second coming of the golden age of animation.

  • BelgianAnimator

    I’ve seen it, it’s terrible. The only novelty is indeed the 3d. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know all of the story.

  • mat

    WOW it’s alvin and the chipmunks. They even have theodore (fat one that eats) and simon (complete with glasses). My nephew even noticed they were copying the chipmunks. What a crappy looking movie.

    Not a little bit of 3d, not a sizeable chunk of 3D, not even a liberal smattering of 3D. No, only the best for Fly Me To The Moon; Maximum 3D! The most three dimensional god-damned thing you will see this year!

    In spite of the awful trailer, I’m sure it’s a perfectly adequete 20 minutes or whatever of sitting and enjoying the dangerous levels of 3D.

    Also, ‘moon’ is one of those words that gets really funny if it’s repeated a lot.

  • danny

    It looks like pure CRAP! Everything from from character design , to animation to voice talent. OMFG!

  • @ Niffiwan
    Thank you for that, that rat sidekick is such a blatant ripoff of Remy– I can’t wait to see it with an uncharacteristic booming, gravelly voice in attempt to invoke some differentiation.

    Good choice with Belka and Strelka– they orbited the Earth and actually made it back alive.

    An animated Laika feature would need a better treatment– something more profound than a buddy-comedy.

  • Well, since the trailer gives away the entire plot, tension, and resolution, there’s no reason to go see it. Not that I would have anyway.

    I think the thing that bugs me the most is how the fly parents give a crap about the safety of three of their brood, when a typical fly lays 9000 eggs in its lifetime.

  • “I think the thing that bugs me the most is how the fly parents give a crap about the safety of three of their brood, when a typical fly lays 9000 eggs in its lifetime.”

    Really? The MOST?

  • Extraordinarily ordinary!

  • Brannigan’s Law

    The only thing interesting about this is that someone actually greenlit this and got paid for doing so, which actually fascinates me. Who are these people and how can they be stopped?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I’m with Fluffy on that statement. I don’t think I need to see it too since the trailer pretty much gave me all I need to know of this one!

    Thinking about the ‘perfect’ space film I’d rather see, I wish someone would take a note from THIS classic…

  • Billy

    I think this is what the 30 Rock writers meant by the “Uncanny Valley”…

    The humans haven’t been exaggerated in the slightest, and on top of that are way too realistic to not look creepy.
    They float about lifelessly like robots with skin.

  • Those worms at the end of the trailer will be giving me nightmares tonight.

  • I like to think that technically, there’s no difference between the people who made THIS and the people who made Toy Story. They have the same resources and technical skill, they just don’t have any goddamned ideas in their head.

  • philippe

    This is a producer film, in no way an autor film.They replace the lack of vision with “spectacular” effects. Sad thing because they have many fanatstic people under their roof.

  • What… no soviet cockroach spy?

  • DanK

    “I like to think that technically, there’s no difference between the people who made THIS and the people who made Toy Story. They have the same resources and technical skill, they just don’t have any goddamned ideas in their head.”

    if you have no problem with the fact that there’s no difference between this film and a film that was made in 1995 then you got issues :-)

    it looks terrible. are we sure this isnt just a joke??!

  • Scott

    Saw it this past weekend at great adventure. The 3d was so bad (which may be the theatre/projector quality fault)that i had to close one eye sometime just to know what was going on. Im assuming what I saw at great adventure wasnt the whole film it had a very bland safe story and character designs.

  • Susana

    I’m sad to say that this trailer didn’t even bump my interest up one little bit! usually, at least animated movies (and I really like animation) are at least somewhat entertaining, in the dialogue or art, but this trailer was pretty boring, and the art definitely can’t compare to others.

    what I did enjoy was the reference to Lord of the Flies!! I really enjoyed that book!!

  • TheAnimator

    =_= the things that get produced.

  • Max

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