“Good Vibrations” by Jérémy Clapin “Good Vibrations” by Jérémy Clapin

“Good Vibrations” by Jérémy Clapin

Good Vibrations

I can’t get enough of mid-century educational and safety-related animated shorts so I’m delighted to see a contemporary take on those films with The Responsibility Project from Liberty Mutual, which is a series of entertainment shorts intended to “create a forum for people to discuss personal acts of responsibility.” The most impressive animated short created for the program thus far is Good Vibrations by French animator Jérémy Clapin, the director of Skhizein. The four-minute film, which is directed, designed and written by Clapin, manages to be funny and entertaining while slyly slipping in its message about the necessity of individuals taking initiative instead of rubbernecking. With his strong graphic concepts and effortless visual storytelling, Clapin’s work continually impresses, and he’s proving himself to be one of the more exciting new voices in animation. Watch Good Vibrations on the Liberty Mutual website.

  • Jérémy Clapin is becoming one of the better artists in animation.

  • Wolfgang

    Amazing short film!!

    Jérémy Clapin`s work is wonderful, with his two short films i can say that his already one of my top favorites filmmakers in the field.

    I`ll be waiting for his next film.
    Applause and admiration for Jérémy Clapin and his beautiful short films.

  • Rio

    Very impressive.

  • Thomas

    That was fantastic. What a great find! So sincere and so warm.

  • Wayne

    Wonderful! Simple and heartfelt.
    And the face of the shaky old man reminded me of the “Zanti Misfits” from the Outer Limits!

  • Prince Charming

    Excellent, so simple but so well done, BRAVO!

  • Clapin had me at Skhizein. I love this too.

  • Pretty cute story. Simple idea, excellent execution. The french really do have a sensibility to the art of animation.