“Invade All of the Humans” by Tom and Mark Perrett “Invade All of the Humans” by Tom and Mark Perrett

“Invade All of the Humans” by Tom and Mark Perrett

Invade All of the Humans is a test piece for personal project written and directed by London-based commercial filmmakers Tom and Mark Perrett. It’s about two obsolete and unhinged retro robot toys, Calculord 3 and Px Micron, with delusions of world domination. They run on four AA batteries. Here’s the sample:

  • Confused

    That was brilliant, had me chuckling the whole way through. There’s something about parody raps that are inherently funny, and that was only made better by the robotic delivery. The animation for the ‘bots themselves was great fun, and I loved the little details like the black robot’s head ‘hiccuping’ during the ‘we are in your ci-ty’ line.

    Also, I want toys of both.

  • Loved it! Very funny and well done. I hope they get it going as a series or film.

  • Robot toys are neato.

  • Mike

    Terrific! Nice acting and good execution of a funny concept. The characters remind me of the two 8-bit aliens from Aqua Teen.

  • jordan reichek

    great stuff!

  • Dee

    That is so cute in so many ways. One thing: why the shaky cam effect on the low shots? Mouse cameraman? Nonetheless, great work!

  • Can I take them home? They’re adorable.

  • A fine idea and very well done with cool animation!
    Looking forward to seeing what projects Nexus Productions and these talented brothers come up with.