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Looney Tunes exclusive clip: Coyote Falls

We still don’t know whether the new Looney Tunes Show for Cartoon Network will meet our lofty expectations, but I was invited to a screening this past week to preview the three new CGI Road Runner-Coyote shorts for theatrical release — and my verdict is in: They’re terrific!

Coyote Falls is the first one out (it’ll be attached to Cats and Dogs 2 opening next Friday, July 30th). These are three-minute, three-dimensional cartoons in widescreen (scope). It works perfectly for these characters – the feeling of space in the vast desert only adds to Coyote’s desperation. This time he has ordered an ACME bungee cord and has set up a birdseed trap under a highway bridge. It’s a “foolproof” plan that takes everything into consideration … except oncoming traffic.

The characterizations, posing, even the sound effects and music (by Chris Lennertz) are spot on. I especially liked the explosions, which in cg have a stronger impact and thus are funnier. The 3-D is even used to extend into the audience – something most modern filmmakers are loathe to exploit. At three minutes these films really are too short (I think some trailers are longer than that), but they show real potential. This is the first Looney Tunes short produced by Sam Register’s new Warner Bros. Animation division. (BTW, the film is simply a Warner Bros. Cartoon with no Looney Tunes or Merrie Melodies designation). Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone are supervising producers along with Allison Abbate (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Corpse Bride, Iron Giant), Matthew O’Callaghan (Curious George) directed in respectful homage to Chuck Jones. The film begins with a very cool 3D CG WB-rings logo designed by Peter Girardi. Below is a 25-second clip to give you a taste. Below that are three exclusive images (click thumbnails to enlarge).

[clip removed at request of producer]

  • Scarabim

    Well, it LOOKS good.

    Can it match or even top the exploits of the past, though? If not, why bother?

    • Just ’cause I can’t draw like Chuck, does that mean I shouldn’t try?

      • Chuck

        Well, you probably shouldn’t try to copy Chuck. You should try to be Palmer.

      • Weaselgrease

        Immitation is the greatest form of flattery. The truth is that even if you do copy someone, you will have your own style regardless. Because even subconsciously you make changes to the things you copy to improve them in the way you feel they would work better. Also, to best understand the process for anything, whether it’s animating, drawing, painting, building a ship, selling lemonade, you WILL be copying someone. Most specifically, the techniques used by the person who taught you how to do it.

    • Stan Eakins

      It is 4/28/2011——
      I just saw it. The first time with out sound.
      FANTASTIC !! And LONG over due. I’ve miss those old cartoons. The new ones just don’t make it for me.
      I was a bit disappointed with the back ground sounds but the sound effects were great.
      Did I mention that I’m 58 years old.
      Great Work !!… Keep it up !!…Please.

  • Roy


    • top cat james

      Could I use that missing ‘N’ for “Nicely done”? ;)

  • Looks fantastic for 3D, and definitely looks fun to work on.
    I still long for the days in which these were classically animated, there’s a unique feeling of joy and thrill created via the expertise of “moving drawings” that can’t be replicated in any other way.

  • Karim

    That clip was great ! if only the upcoming series had this quality…

    • Sol

      Which upcoming series? Have you seen any WB new stuff already?
      Don’t forget TV animation gets a much lower budget, if that cheers you up.. :)

      • Weaselgrease

        The new series is sadly in the vein of raster graphics (a la Flash style animating) to simply the animation process further than it already is. The new character designs are painfully broken down and I imagine the cartoon plots will feel the same way to make a low-cost, high-rating, cookie-cutter formula.

        Whatever market strategist(s) came up with the idea of making formulaic media (a stream of first-person shooters, reality tv shows, video games of movies so simple they release before the movie does, two hour long plot-less visually stupefying juggernauts now known as blockbusters) should be shot.

      • Joe

        I disagree.
        I think the old Road Runner episodes look like a low cost cookie cutter formula.
        with all the respect I have for the classic Road Runner, it doesn’t look good and someone has to say it.
        Frame by frame the old cartoons and see for yourself the bad drawings and animation. not to mention Coyote itself looks different in some of the episodes.

        If the jokes are the same in the new 3D series as they were in the classics, then 3D will only make Road Runner better. Just like this 3min short already looks better than the original and most important- makes people laugh.

        And please put everything under perspective – no TV show will ever look like a Pixar production. give it a rest and start enjoying the “more simple stuff”.

      • Weaselgrease

        Actually, I wasn’t referring to this short when I was talking about the new series. All of the Looney Tunes characters have been redrawn this year (2010) in 2D with a more simplified style that is very unbecoming for the lot of them.

        In regard to these clips right here, I think this looks fantastic, and I could only hope that they would go so far as to make a regular series with this quality of work in the future.

        Sorry if I wasn’t clear about that.

  • Love it! Can’t wait to see ’em.

  • This actually looks prety good… much better than I expected! I laughed, which is probably the best compliment I can give!

  • Well that looks a hell of a lot better than the last CG clip we saw.

  • MichaelDair


    I just hope they can keep up the quality under network “puppy-mill” conditions.

  • Jessica

    Definitely needs to be said that all of this was made by the amazing crew at ReelFX studios in Dallas.

    • Rob S.


      I was the layout artist on this short and I was in Portland, OR.

  • Oh man! It’s been so long since I actually laughed out loud at a new Looney Tunes cartoon. Huge congrats to the team at Reel FX in Dallas for the stellar animation!

  • Tim Hodge


  • FP

    Looks great, much better than the TV-episode clip posted earlier. It’s hard to “read” the action, though, compared to the old 2D cartoons. Maybe it works better in a 3D theater.

  • Ray Pena

    Amazing! Even the truck squashes and stretches!

  • Mark

    Sorry–no. Confusing cutting, and the flat lighting doesn’t help. Halfway decent animatin from India.


    • anonymous

      First off, this was NOT made in India. It was made in the good old U S of A. Which is the exact opposite of the CG Road Runner cartoons that will be running on Cartoon Network. And I think it shows. Especially in the quality of the CG and the animation. It’s night and day man.

      As for the “flat lighting” and “confusing cutting” comment, I think you need to hold off your judgments until you see these shorts in full AND in theaters. Not just a 25 second washed out clip on the web.

      These new shorts are going to be FANTASTIC! It’s ok to admit it, and not just hate it because it’s new.

      • Su

        Hey man, I’m not against your opinion but I’m just wondering why you would tell Mark to hold off his judgment until he see it in full, when you already made a judgment that they’re going to be “FANTASTIC” when you haven’t seen it full too?

      • Eric Drobile

        Anonymous probably has seen them. Lots of people have seen them…just not the public.

      • Sol

        I think it looks great.
        by the way- The quality has nothing to do with the location. It’s all about the budget.
        we all know TV animated stuff don’t get as much money as a featured/short film. It doesn’t matter if it was made in the US or outside.

    • anonymous

      Really? Flat lighting?

      Sorry but you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

      …And it was made in TX.

  • Huzzah!

  • dan

    Just… No

  • Roberto Severino

    That was sure an impressive clip. Wile E. and the roadrunner actually look great in CG, and they executed the gag quite well. I just wish the quality of the Roadrunner cartoons for that new Looney Tunes show could have been far closer to this.

  • Hmmm…really cinematic. Mebbe a lil’ too much so, it feels overly epic. Still, nicely timed, great looking character models, great colors, well-lit. Not a huge fan of the big-film camera movement (hopefully they lock it down for a majority of the shots) but fuck me do I sound like some kind of freakin’ film snob or what. It looks good, ’nuff said.

    • Tim Douglas

      Hmm… I’m not sold – yet. I’m not in favour of the camerawork or (maybe it’s just this clip) the music. Can’t argue with the timing though.

      Overall if feels like they tried to make too much of the impending explosion. Like TempleDog says: too cinematic & overly epic.

      It’s really hard to judge only seeing half the scene (what good is a joke without its setup) but…I dunno, I need to see more.

      In the meantime I’m off to watch the Golden Collection.

  • james

    personally, i love it, but i’m not an old-schooler, even though i love good ol’ classic animation like looney tunes.

    these shorts look like a lot of fun to work on. i love being an animator, but all the shows i’ve worked so far on do not have the looney tunes style of animation that i really like doing :(

  • I really like the music. And I laughed. It’s not Chuck Jones and I prefer traditional animation, but it looks entertaining. It will never be as good as the classics but it could even be good for the characters if people like these shorts as much as the Scrat shorts and hopefully that would make them more popular again. But three minutes is really too short.

  • purin

    Now that’s a little more like it! I’d like to see a little more of this, please.

    Road Runner cartoons probably seem like the easiest Looeny Toons to do because of their apparent simplicity compared to the others, but I’ll bet they’re the hardest, because without just the right sense of timing and humor, they can easily just turn into a series of “You’re supposed to find this funny” gags (which they sometimes do, if you’ve watched too many in a row). It’s that little pause before the explosion that made me laugh, not the explosion itself.

  • Very impressed! Is this the best hand-drawn to CG conversion yet? Could be…

  • Eric Drobile

    I guess I approve… :)

    • Jay E

      After reading a lot of positive comments and a few bitter, negative comments this comment really made me smile.

      Great job man! Can’t wait to see the rest of this and the other shorts on the big screen. Reel FX knocked it out of the park!

  • Michael

    The first gag — when Wile E. gets smacked by the truck — made me laugh. Character models, rigging and motion seem like they’re in the ballpark. The lighting is by no means “flat” but there is something about it that seems a little off. The timing seems to be a lot more on-target than I had been expecting.

    Promising, but I’d have to withhold judgment until I see more — which, at least, I am keen to do. I will say flat out that the score, pretty much off-the-shelf Giacchino-style action-flick-esque, sticks out like a sore thumb and is wildly inappropriate. I know Carl Stallings is long gone, but this style of music really seems inappropriate and doesn’t serve the tone.

    • charles xavier

      yeah whats with the serious movie music?

  • Chris Sokalofsky

    Looks great. Although only based on a small taste of the real deal, the animation was nice and snappy (I think I would have gone even snappier on a couple of the movements, particularly the release and grab on top of the tanker), The camerawork was good, and the timing on the explosion was very reminiscent of the old shorts.

    All in all, looking forward to many more!

  • Joseph Fobbs

    Very good. Not a classic, but well done.

  • Y’know, we haven’t heard a peep about this new CG Roadrunner from Chuck Jones’ daughter Linda. You’d think she’d have alot to say about this, good, bad, or whatever.

    From the small clip that I saw just now, I was indeed impressed. It’s nowhere near as close to the greatness of the original cartoons and I doubt Chuck himself would approve. But, I think these people came as close as anyone could come to the originals in CG and that alone deserves some recognition. I’ll still take the originals any day, but this didn’t have me wanting to throw my computer out the window. I give it 3 1/2 stars.

  • tedzey

    Its gorgeous! I love the timing, its absolutely a harkening to the work of Chuck Jones! Finally something that will keep him from rolling in his grave!

  • Robert Barker

    The Road Runner/Coyote concept might work best because of the silent nature of the films. Although early versions of the Coyote character had him speaking, it’s not necessary to hear him now. I do have problems with back voicework on Bugs and Daffy or other characters.

  • That was a great gag! I laughed. It worked. The art looks wonderful as well.

  • Now THAT’S more like it! I’m genuinely looking forward to these theatrical shorts, and it looks like a lot of effort was put into them. If only the 3D stuff on the Looney Tunes Show looked like this. I can’t imagine too many kids seeing the TV stuff and getting excited about the characters because of it, but these shorts will probably hold their interest.

    Are the theatrical shorts part of a tie-in with the new show, or is it just a coincidence that they’re coming out around the same time?

    • Jessica

      Absolutely no relation to the tv show.

  • Nico

    I think I just forgot that it was CG!

    • tedzey

      You know what? Thats how I felt too! It feels like each frame was pain-sakenly painted! Not to dis on a feature lenght film with nothing to do with this movie, but for “Tangled” to claim that its trying to make everything look like a pastel painting this 25 second clip accomplished more than the trailer to that movie!

  • Not to be the wet blanket, but the ‘special fx’ CGI explosion is what killed it for me. It’s off-putting when the Coyote’s pain becomes too obvious.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Yeah, it was a tad much, even though I was like “oooh, that’s gotta hurt!” (not that having “Gigantic Explosion” in big text fill the screen works either).

  • The Kids

    Didn’t really like the classic looney tunes and I certainly don’t like the new ones.

    But I have to say they did a great job anyway! Even if its not appealing to my heathen taste.

  • That looks pretty good! Funny!

  • John Dorian

    Well, the TV CG Coyote shorts is inferior compared to this! Maybe if successful, we’ll see more beautifully animated Warner Bros. Animation cartoons.

  • At last! :D
    Good ol’ violence, now in 3D!

    Seriously, this looks great! A very good homage, at least.

  • Well done Reel FX!
    It looks awesome!!!

  • Keith

    Wow! It lived up to the promise of that first still of bungee-diving Coyote with utensils. I’m very impressed! The gags played well, fun animation, good timing. The music & staging did seem almost overly epic/cinematic as others said, and there is something off about the lighting. It gives me this weird impression of it being hand-drawn characters rendered in CG. Like it’s hand-drawn around the edges, too, but CG in the middle. Hard to describe what’s “off” about it. It’s almost some weird Uncanny Valley feeling.

    But the movement, gags, everything else overshadows those odd feelings. Well Done, Reel FX!

  • Oliver

    Attached to ‘Cats and Dogs 2’?!

    You could attach the secret to eternal youth and prosperity to ‘Cats and Dogs 2’, and I still wouldn’t go see it!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I really didn’t have any interest in seeing that film particularly, though they could stick these shorts anywhere in a WB-released film and see what they might get from the output. I still think it’s interesting they’re going for 3 minute pieces this time around, hopefully they’re able to work the timing in perfectly in these as they had for those sorts that were twice the length.

    • Hermeown

      You could always pay to see the short and then walk out. :)

      • MichaelHughes

        Say you got sick, or something, at the very least you’ll get a voucher to see a better movie later.

  • Mike Gabriel

    Congratualtions to Matt and Allison and their very talented team. Damn! Huge kudos for getting this very Jones-like flavor to the look and movement. I know the “flat” lighting is your attempt to keep it in step with the old template. Reasonable choice. Nice animation. My only tiny concern is the attempt to replicate Chuck’s timing–the overly repeated–even in his own final RR cartoons–wait for it wait for it “BOOM” or thud stuff. Comedy is best served fresh and that self referential inbred twice removed hybrid trying to repeat Chuck’s timing is going to stale out pretty quick. Find your own timing comic voice. Cut yourself loose from the timing and try to just get laughs from the Matt O’Callaghan comic timing. Sorry to throw in any critiques when you have done so much so right. Extremely good indicator that you guys have the right team to make some cool shorts that finally don’t embarrass the legacy. Quite an achievement. Congrats to the entire team. Hope to see a lot more from you.

  • I’d pay money to see this (though NOT “Cats and Dogs 2). It’s like seeing old friends in a totally new way. Very promising.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s again that same argument I had about these things. WB should be putting these films in front of more serious pictures than family-friendly comedies and all that.

  • It’s a viewmaster reel come to life. Like what I see.

  • Kevin H.

    I think it looks great!

  • That’s really fun! Way more impressive than anything we’ve seen so far!

  • STEF

    Sorry…. it only really forcefully brought a light lopsided smile to my face. The 3 D is really good, and the effects and enviroment is actually cool! Many 3D feature films don’t achieve that.

    STILL as it was told before by someone who seemed to actually know about cartoons, the Coyote and RoadRunner were made to make me LAUGH. And it didn’t happen. And I must say that it isn’t hard to make me laugh, I laugh at the silliest stuff and find it hilarous.

    This didn’t make me laugh tho.

    And if you can’t see you must prefer the correct telling of the joke over the camera angles and music in the cartoon when you’re talking about these characters….. Then I don’t know what you’re doing here.

    It is also disapointing when you can’t understand the belonging of these characters to their two dimensional CARTOON world. (sorry, but I still can’t see how a 3D puppet can be anything like a cartoon. It’s a puppet made of digital clay. ) They even had to make different puppets or “models” for the different expressions of the coyote, when in a 2D media, that could have been solved much faster with a few pencil strokes of a talented animator. But noooooo!

    • Jay

      Your assumption that there are different models for different expressions is incorrect. One model, one killer rig, one talented team of dedicated artists. As for the humor, there’s still another 2.5 minutes you haven’t seen. Give it a chance.

    • You’ve put your finger on the problem I’m having with this.

      I think it’s an uncanny valley issue. Violence, when drawn, is remote enough that it can make you laugh. The near-reality of the violence which results from this being CGed makes it more painful to watch.

      There seems to be a filter missing and adding a more real veneer to the whole thing pushes it into the morbid (the explosion, in particular, disturbed me)

  • Michel Van

    I LOVE IT !
    had misgivings about this is again junk like “Loonatics Unleashed”.
    but the CGI get the old classic style, very good
    let see how Bug and Daffy survive the CGI transformation…

  • I’m not watching the clip. I prefer to see it fresh when I see it in a theater. It’ll be fun to finally see a WB short in a theater. But…. THREE MINUTES?! That doesn’t count the credits does it?!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It it does, would that be more like 2 minutes and 30 seconds then? But yeah, it is rather sad we’re getting the same thing for half the time.

  • Oh-hooo….THIS looks good…..I’d gladly pay to go a cinema just to see the rest of this short! :D

  • Here we see the difference between theatrical and television animation.

  • JD

    The animation is cartoony, that’s good. I didn’t laugh because I’ve seen so much of this over the years that it’s lost it’s luster. You’d almost have to have the roadrunner go after the coyote to get a jolt outta me. But this is for a new generation of viewers, so it might work.

    The action adventure music didn’t work for me, but I’m partial to the more subtle soundtrack from the original stuff. This is just a peek, so we’ll see what the rest is like. All I hope is that WB will have some success with these and spend some time developing new characters for the shorts. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

  • Akbar Shahzad

    HUGE CAVEAT: I AM JUDGING ONLY THE CLIP AND AM NOT FLAMING THE CARTOON ITSELF (OR EVEN THE CLIP, REALLY). It’s certainly a vast improvement on the TV show clip, but I’m still not entirely happy with it. I don’t take issue with the gag itself–I didn’t laugh, but the clip didn’t include a build-up, or a lead-in, so there wasn’t a payoff to speak of. 25-seconds of frenetic cutting designed to display all the things they can do with these characters in three dimensions is fine by me, and people shouldn’t be upset that they’re not laughing. Hopefully, the full short (all THREE minutes of it) should be a lot funnier.

    That being said, I do think they’ve got the wrong idea as regards the cinematography and staging. The scene is cut like an action sequence, when comedy reads much better in straightforward medium shots. I understand the desire to emphasize the three-dimensionality of the environment, but a better idea of how to handle solid bodies in a manner similar to a Road Runner cartoon can be found in any Buster Keaton film. Keaton’s angles are at the service of the humor. The same goes for the clip’s music, which is much more exciting than funny. Roland Emmerich does not make comedies.

    As for the explosion, well–this is, for me, the biggest goof, and the one that looks likeliest to carry over to the films proper. It looks TOO REAL. The Coyote is always more humiliated than hurt, remember? And that kind of detonation makes me wonder why I’m not seeing any cauterized limbs fall past the camera. Cartoon violence should be exactly that: cartoony.

  • diego

    THE MUSIC. The problem is the music. If you shut the music off the it TURNS funny. Not too funny anyway but funny enough. I like the Coyote’s rendering, but the Roadrunner looks awkward. The realistic look of the explosion doesn’t helps either, it’s like what John Cleese said about the dogs that die in “A Fish Called Wanda”, the gag wasn’t funny with blood, so they had to change it.

    It looks amazing anyway, I like it.

  • Angry Anim

    Way better than that other TV clip. Timing is great– and the music is outstanding.

  • Autumn

    Holy crap, that was kind of awesome.

  • Gummo

    OMG, I actually sat and laughed out loud!

    No greater compliment than that.

    The timing was great, with each gag topping the previous gag in perfect sequence. When the body of the truck came away in the Coyote’s hands, I practically howled.

    And I can’t say why, but I had no problem with the “realism” of the explosion at the end. It was almost a parody of action movie explosions and worked just fine.

  • Gummo

    And let me add, the hapless face on the Coyote was perfect!

  • Am I the only one who thinks that people are putting way too much thought into this? I think it’s great on all levels.

  • John A

    You know, I hate to bring this up, but I see no one else has noticed it: There’s no reason for the coyote to continue to cling to the moving truck. The gag makes no sense.

    • Paul N

      There’s no need for him to poke at the rocks that didn’t fall or the steel wall that didn’t pop out of the road in the classic cartoons either.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        A lot of what Wile E. does in those cartoons is often without thinking or forgetting the matter altogether until we get that pay-off at the end, and that’s the beauty of the thing.

      • firstly, the clip looks fantastic!

        There’s no need for him to poke at the rocks that didn’t fall or the steel wall that didn’t pop out of the road in the classic cartoons either.

        yes there was,as far as his motivation was concerned, coyote is a over thinker, and he wants to know why his trap didn’t work.
        I agree John, The end result, “explosion! stereoscopic truck tire at the audience!” seems to be the reason for the gag in this clip.

        The road runner to me is about karma; the coyote’s obsessive motivations and tactics are impure, so the physical world conspires against him, despite his genius.

        (hmmm, our quest for oil?)

        The depth of the desert canyons was the icing on the real enjoyment of road runner cartoon cake, chuck’s amazing timing of well thought out gags.

    • Keith

      Sure he does! He’s on a moving truck. Instinct is “Don’t let go!” Once he realized his predicament, it was too late to let go anyway. It wouldn’t end well, the cord was already stretched too far for a safe bungee return.

  • John A

    I’m not sure if my last comment was recieved, so I’m reposting: The gag doesn’t work: The coyote has no real reason to continue to grab onto the moving truck.

  • Chris S

    That was so much better than the clip from last week! Very cool.

  • Rooniman

    Better than the other one for the show.

  • John A

    I’m Sorry, I don’t think it was funny. Has anyone else noticed that the coyote has no real reason to continue to cling to the moving truck? No one?

  • Oh by the way, I recall Greg Ford saying on one of the LT commentaries that Chuck Jones always wanted to do a Road Runner cartoon that was just based around one single gag. “Coyote Falls” would seem to fall under that. It’s just the coyote using a bungee cord the whole short right?

  • Cathy

    me encantó! extrañaba ver esos dibujos animados, me hizo acordar a mi chiquititud…jaja, ya estamos viejos!
    Las expresiones del coyote son geniales!
    greetings from Peru!

  • Charles

    Hmm, am not thoroughly impressed or convinced. The gag in this clip was pretty weak, but I’ll suspend judgment until I see the shorts in full. Thanks for the update. Keep ’em comin’!

  • DonaldC

    That looks MUCH better.

  • Mark Sonntag

    Very nice, congratulations to all involved. I like it, you’ve captured the past in a very modern way.

  • erlab

    Well dang, the first slapstick joke that appeared made me laugh out loud!

    This is a perfect example of what kind of things you can afford to do with a theatrical cartoon and not a television one, since other coyote cartoons are premiering on TV at around the same time. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Vzk

    After seeing the clip from the TV show and now this, I must say the following:

    Looney Tunes were made for theaters, and should stay in theaters.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      A lesson that should be learned well but always forgotten.

      • erlab

        You forget ‘Space Jam’ and ‘Back in Action’, though… both which had some fantastic animation, but were hindered by poor concepts.

  • OK. That’s more like it. I love the fact that Wile E. gets “blowed up REAL good” because I think that recent attempts to do Roadrunner/Coyote cartoons have run afoul of political correctness and squeamishness about violence.

    And yeah…better animation, better physics models, better better better all ’round.

    I suppose you get what you pay for, and WB Animation is cheaping out on the TV series.

  • uncle wayne

    That is truly fantastic. Thank you for that great sneak peak!

    But (again I ask), why aren’t the REAL WB toons, the ones that generations were brought up on and we could (all) quote entire lines from, are aired??? Is this illegal in the U.S.!? Jeeeez! That is a sin to not air these classic films! An outright sin!? Jerry? Amid!? Any News??

  • I hope they don’t drop these shorts for the International releases, Sadly many countries never got to see “How To Hook Up Your Home Theater” in cinemas as it was dropped from international prints.

    So far, I’m still impressed with what I’ve seen from these Theatricals and I am really excited about them.

    From that short clip I thought the timing was spot on. I’ve never seen the Roadrunner with so many actual feathers (and Blue eyes) before, that was a bit jarring!

    I also found the music was channeling Bruce Broughton, The late Richard Stone and the Great Carl Stalling. But maybe I was just hearing what I wanted to hear.

  • Mesterius

    Yes yes yes FANTASTIC! This made my day! Finally something really good is happening to the Looney Tunes again! Funny, cartoony and fairly jonesy. I know my judging is based solely on these 25 seconds, but given that the whole short is only 3 minutes long, and given how much I liked what I saw, I’d like to congratulate Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone, Allison Abate and of course Matthew O’Callaghan on their accomplishments here.

    And now for the nit-picky part… I, for one, agree to a certain extent with John A: “There’s no reason for the coyote to continue to cling to the moving truck. The gag makes no sense.” When the Coyote ‘pokes at the rocks that didn’t fall’ etc. in the classic cartoons, there IS a reason; both gag-wise and story-wise. Wile E. wonders why the heck the rocks didn’t fall like his mastermind planned, and has to check it. He has a motivation. Now, this is not a realistically believable motivation, but the Looney Tunes were never meant to be realistic. So as he performs this incredibly stupid action, we gleefully watch him dig his own grave. THAT’s entertainment!… and completely logical within the cartoon world we’re observing.

    But the Coyote hanging on to the truck in this new clip did not instantly strike me as logical. I wanted there to be a reason, because I liked everything else about the clip so much, but I can’t find it. Is Wile E. clinging on because.. he’s afraid to get hurt when falling off?… No, he’d get hurt anyway, and he KNOWS he’s attached to a bungee rope, meaning that the further he holds on, the harder he will bounce back. That whole end scene, by the way (not least the stretching and bouncing back) is beautifully animated. All he needs is the motivation, but there doesn’t seem to be any. Maybe this detail will somehow be better explained in context of the rest of the short, but I doubt it. Anybody else want to give their two cents on this?

  • MichaelHughes

    Why do we need this at all? This company of men, Warner Brothers, inherited all this intellectual property from another generation, these men with their jobs feel they need to mine the companies history and property instead of investing in new ideas. No matter how good this is its a stupid dead end from another age, it’d be worth more to restore old ones since they don’t play on TV, there would cultural worth in that but recreating this crap is inbred and stupid.

    • Don’t make me cry. :~(

      Don’t you see that so much in what you’re supposed to do in animation was done here? No matter what it is that you’re animating, applying these kind of principles, timing, etc, you can make something great. By only creating and showing off such a display, can help inspire others to create something brilliant, and by showing the proper technique will also help those.

  • You’ve got to be a real presumptuous phony to think that this doesn’t capture the essence of the original well, let alone near perfectly.

  • I kept saying “YES” while watching this.
    I had posted on what was wrong with the Television CN 3D Roadrunner cartoon and why I thought it was bad.
    This clip made by a completely different studio not only did the right stuff, they made me laugh. :)
    It was like watching an old RR cartoon again and I almost forgot it was even in 3D!
    You could see all the squash & stretch, arcs, beautiful animation principles at play (something you don’t always see with 3D). The comic timing was great, the cuts were on queue, the EXPRESSIONS were very clear and vivid. I love that stuff. The posing strong and exaggerated, staging was terrific, clarity not an issue. You can even silhouette a lot of that stuff and you could still tell what it was and what was going on.
    I applaud the people behind this. Good job guys.

  • William

    Could be worse, could be better. I still see to much realism and not enough style– mostly on the backgrounds and special effects. Also you would think after all these years art directors would know you don’t color the characters the same color / value of the backgrounds they need to pop off of rather then flatten into.

    • Yep, it’s very well animated but I too agree there could be more “style”. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs was more cartoony than this, cause the characters didn’t have that much texture. It kinda works in motion but in the stills I see too much detail in the characters.

      And the texture in the truck also makes it look too realistic.

      Like you said, it could be worse but also better.

  • Behonkiss

    Okay, THIS is something where if anyone bitches that it looks bad only because it’s CG, they need to shut up. Considering that these characters have been hand-drawn in everything for literally decades, there’s nothing wrong with them being done in another style and it looks wonderful and true to the source.

  • Mike Russo

    It’s too bad it’s getting attached to an awful movie. These shorts are going to fail only because no one in their right mind is going to see the crap they’re paired with.

    • diego


  • NightmareisNear

    Much better looking than the first clip shown this will definetly be better and will get CN better ratings than that gameshow “Hole in the Wall”.

  • papashango

    I love em…fantasmagorical …
    These are def not about lighting and such…much of the cartoony feel will be lost if its all too real world lit…
    The animation however looks great…Yipeeee!!!

  • Texture and shading overload, but if it’s gonna be in CG, that was truly outstanding. I watched it 5 times in a row!

  • Meh

    Never was amused by Looney Toons, not amused now.
    Animation quality was good, but cg quality was meh. The realism of the CG world (crisp reflections on the tanker, the too smooth camera motion pan, the un-cartoony explosion) clashes with the very simple, almost video-game lighting and texturing of the rest of the clip.
    The world is so simple, and the characters and objects are so stylized, the explosion at the end just feels so out of place.

    The only reason I can see reviving this is to bank on merchandising of existing properties. Safer than trying to create something new I suppose.

  • Olo

    looks very nice and appealing. but it didn’t make me laugh.
    timing’s still off. too many in-betweens at some places eg: the truck coming into the shot was too slow.. and the cg explosion was not funny at all. the overall timing for the gags are just not ‘wacky’ enough. the director should learn from Backkom the polar bear – sometimes it’s not wrong to sacrifice proper body mechanic to achieve funnier comic timing.

    • Thats what I was thinking, Wild E must’ve gotten stiff over the years or something.

  • Scarabim

    I have to agree that although the clip LOOKED good, the bit itself was rather pointless. The Coyote gets blown up. AGAIN. How many times can that happen and remain funny, no matter how cleverly it’s staged and written?

    I love the original Looney Toons, don’t get me wrong. But just about everything that COULD be done with those characters, HAS been done. So what’s the point?

    At least this attempt looks very well-crafted. But…is there no way Warners could try to create NEW characters?

    That’s one reason I loved the Roger Rabbit shorts so much. Here was a brand new character, animated in the old style, and he ROCKED. His mannerisms, voice, comedy schtick, all new, all Roger. I hadn’t seen it before, or seen it done better. Same deal with Mickey Mouse’s short Runaway Brain. Yes, it was Mickey, an old character, but he had a new sensibility, a more daring, slapsticky, high-energy sensibility, and it was AWESOME.

    I don’t want to see the classic 2D toons redone in CGI. I’d like something new. Remaking the Roadrunner in CGI is akin to trying to remake the Wizard of Oz. Such a project would be doomed from the start, and for pretty much the same reasons. Sorry to be such a downer. I appreciate the craft that’s going into this LT project. But it just doesn’t get me excited, FWIW, your mileage may vary.

  • Mavis Lewisohn-Lazzaro

    It looks like a moving Viewmaster reel directed by Sam Peckinpah with Michael Giacchino’s score for Speed Racer, but it plays. There’s a reason both Chuck Jones 1990s LT remakes and Larry Doyle’s mostly buried LT shorts of a few years back had their best efforts with the RR and Coyote: the deceptive simplicity of Chuck Jones plan for how those characters work best, on view in every one of his classic cartoons. Anyone is in trouble – serious trouble – attempting to equal the WB classics of any other franchise. They were first out of the gate with this one for a reason. It comes the closest to working. Don’t believe me? Wait and watch. If Chuck Jones himself couldn’t crack that nut, what chance in hell does Sam Register have?

  • joe s

    i thought it looked great. i don’t understand the negative comments regarding the music. mr. stalling would have been proud.

  • TJR

    A cartoon short before a movie.

    Hopefully that is a trend that every studio will start following.

  • TJR

    You can’t judge the music on just 25 seconds.

  • Ridd

    Love it & can’t wait to see more. Fun stuff indeed.

  • Tony

    Come on everyone – relax. This Road Runner cartoon promises to be exactly what the original crew in Chuck Jones’ group would be doing if they were 30 years old today. Of course they’d go to CG! I just wish the new series had 1/10th of the look that this short seems to have. Let’s see where it goes.

  • Tim Douglas

    Hey Brewers! How about a Looney Tunes season on CBTV? Either obscure films or Golden films for each character (starting with RR & Wile.E of course).

    Either to celebrate the new stuff (theatrical shorts could still be great) or too show ’em how it’s done (I’m talking about you Cartoon Network!)

    It would be really great to open up discussion of these clips with examples of the classic stuff to refer to.

    What does everyone else think?

  • CVG

    Whoo! i liked this a lot :D haha we are going to see those cartoony explosions now is full details flames and smoke! I also liked that the classic violence of the coyote and roadrunner shorts of the past is present in this new short, so this made me smile.


    that’s the way to use correctly 3D softwares…awesome job!
    The new Looneyt Tunes series doesn’t actually looks this great, so I can wait to see this one complete and also the following shorts!

  • Tim Schuit

    I’m making this comment right after watching the clip and before reading any of the other comments.

    I thought the clip was VERY well animated, and the staging was great. If they made more cartoons in this style I would be happy to watch them.

    Good job animation team….consider me impressed.

    Now, off to read the rest of the comments :D

  • Hey, it is a LOT better than I was expecting! I’d definitely watch more!

  • Tom

    Less filling, but tastes great. I can’t wait to see more!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Love it!

  • w

    Looks pretty great – I wanna see it! There was obviously a lot of sweat in that effort and the ones to follow.

    But what’s with the ninja marketing on this?!

    ‘Cats & Dogs 2’ and it’s an audience ambush – not advertised as being part of the release? Hanh? Why not drop it in front of any number of WB releases instead of a fairly thin slate of summer kids movies? You got this, maybe ‘The Lottery’, then ‘Guardians of Ga-Hoole’. DreamWorks is cranking just as many features.

    This short needs to be seen! Step it up, WB, if you want it to work…please?

    Historically speaking, you might get a fantastic response if the next one was in front of ‘The Town’ – an action movie for grownups you have coming out in September! Watch Wile E. Coyote try to thieve, maim, kidnap the Roadrunner and get blowed up real good, then watch a serious drama about a similar plot…it’d be a fun pairing!

    We like fun. Most of us who remember Looney Tunes are older anyway…

    • Chris Sobieniak

      This is exactly what I was talking about, they really need to stick these in more interesting movies. Not necessarily ones that are appropriate, but certain ones that may attract the attention of an audience not expecting to see such a thing before a serious action or drama pic.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Here’s a link to a promo done for Comic_Con:

    The timing on the CG shorts is just wrong. It needs to be about double the speed to get the feel of the old shorts. This crew also forgets that the seven minute limit helped sharpen the Termite Terrace team’s sense of this critical step in comedy.

    • Anonymous

      It should be noted that the CG Wile E Coyote and Road Runner shorts that you’re referring to in that promo is NOT the 3D theatrical shorts featured in the above clip that will be in front of “Cats and Dogs 2”. Very different in both tone and quality.

  • Keith Paynter

    I think this is miles ahead of what’s going to pass for Looney Tunes CG on television. It’s not perfect, but it’s better.

    In examining this clip, I would have changed the composition of one shot – the wide angle of the truck from overhead, and how it affects the timing of the gag. From such distance, what is missing is the perception of the vehicle’s speed…if this were a medium shot (or possibly a zoom from wide to medium), the truck’s perceived speed could have been faster, with less advance notice of its arrival. Close-up shots with vehicles have a more immediate, jarring impact in terms of their speed, improving the joke’s timing. It’s done right for the roadrunner’s side-step, why not for the truck?

  • Randy Koger

    Great piece…perfectly timed Looney Tunes kinda stuff.
    I liked it….like to see more!

  • Cool! It’s nice to see Looney Tunes adapt to some new animation techniques. I wish this nothing but the best.

  • W: “‘Cats & Dogs 2′ and it’s an audience ambush—not advertised as being part of the release?”

    If so, then allow me to predict: COYOTE FALLS is dead.

    The original CATS AND DOGS was a great idea handled badly; its funny idea of battling, spying pet underworlds was sabotaged by schmaltzy, “safe,” lamely 1950s boy-and-his-dog/parents scenes that always seem to characterize the weakest-received Warner family movies (never learn their lesson, do they?). That might be why CATS AND DOGS opened strong but fell off quickly.

    Had a sequel come out two years later, the original film’s audience might have still felt positive enough to give it a swing. But nine years later?

    COYOTE FALLS, advertised heavily, might have helped the turnout for CATS AND DOGS 2. Instead, Warner Theatrical clearly views CATS as the more marketable property (!)—a dumb decision, but not surprising from the same minds who made an eve-of-release decision to sell POWERPUFF GIRLS MOVIE as a matinee-only film, and who announced earlier Looney Tunes cartoons as intended to accompany adult comedies only to pair them with movies like… THE AMAZING PANDA ADVENTURE.

    Warner top brass would clearly like to make Looney Tunes popular with tweens and teens. Theatrical is openly undercutting the plan—just as CN did for years. Either the top brass is toothless or synergy is impossible at Warner; maybe both.

  • Marc Baker

    I don’t know. It just seems like Warner Bros. has fallen into the ‘CGI pawns Pencil’ band wagon that’s already corrupted the animation industry just so they could make ‘Looney Tunes’ relevant again, and the fact that they would tag this new ‘Road Runner’ short with kiddie crap like ‘Cats & Dogs’ proves that some things never change. I Guess Warner Bros. hasn’t produced any good comedies lately, and if they had a few shorts ready, they could’ve put one in front of ‘The Hangover’. I might check this show out, but I still have my doubts. At least Bugs, and company aren’t little babies, or futuristic super heroes again, but I’m not quite ready for a GCI Road Runner, and While E. Coyote.

  • I always found the idea to turn the Roadrunner cartoons into CGI akward, just because it seems if as it’s copying Scrat or “Knick Knack” that you forget that the original Roadrunner series is the inspiration for those things.

    Nobody can afford to fully animate in the USA in 2-D execpt Disney, eh?

    • Mesterius

      Well, you do have Joe Barbera’s last theatrical Tom and Jerry short, “The KarateGuard” (2005), which I believe was animated entirely in the United States (?). But I guess that would be one of the very few exceptions to the rule…

  • I’d say this is “fantastic”, but that would be an understatement. This is so much more entertaining than the other CGI Road Runner short (via The Looney Tunes Show). The character models are gorgeous and realistic, but not too realistic enough where the cartooniness is gone. I absolutley love how the animators added subtle squash-and-stretch movements. THIS is what CGI cartoons should be like. Bravo, ReelFX. Bravo.

    Too bad it’s being but infront of Cats and Dogs 2. Ugh. But if the kids see it, they’ll also see this short, which is good. I really hope more movie studios start putting cartoons before movies again. Disney was smart to put a all-new Goofy cartoon “How to Hook Up your Home Theater” before National Treasure 2 (which by the was a crappy movie, I don’t even remember why I saw it), let’s hope other studios follow suit.

  • looney lover

    I need to watch the video still, can’t view flash on my phone. I’m just going to comment on the stills.

    I think the color choices are embarrassing. The road runner is way over saturated. And even the coyote’s yellow eyes are blinding. I have seen better colors used by a child in a looney tunes coloring book. At comic con I saw about 15 Mary Blair paintings. The color theory was so good I stood there speechless with jaw to the ground. It made me feel like that great usage of dynamic color has truly been lost in the digital age. When you go to the grand canyon and see the colors you instantly see the genius that noble and the painter were. I think these shorts or at least these stills could have used a traditional painter to do a color script for them.

  • Thatlooks really good. Too bad I have to see Cats and Dogs 2 to see it. Seems almost wroth it though.

  • Amn

    I love what I see but I would like to know . . . are they gonna make 3D Bugs and Duffy shorts to or is this only limited to RR?

    Seems like they would want to and I hope they do! Would love to see 3D Bugs!

  • Graham

    It’s not bad, but the music feels a bit strangely out of place. It gives off the vibe of a generic action movie, which this cartoon clearly is not.

    • Tom

      I was thinking the same thing. Also agree with the others who have said it’s better in 2D.

  • Pincushion12

    You know what would have REALLY made this good?

    If it was funny. In the least.

    Too bad it utterly failed at this one simple task. I could not possibly care less about this, now.

  • Better than I expected.

  • Way to go, WB!! I LOVE it!!!

  • Bob Porrazzo

    WB–WOW BABY! I liked this. My eyes nearly popped out at seeing this animation.

  • Way to go Reel FX!!! You guys rocked it. So much talent in that studio just waiting to explode :)

  • deiv

    It is nice. But I prefer it in 2d, it is the essence of the animation.

  • Pez

    Wow this stuff looks really good after watching the Yogi trailer .

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    All Road Runner cartoons are very stupid! They’re so repetitive & predictable & weird. Tom and Jerry is a much better cartoon! It’s better in pretty much every way, if not quite every way!

  • Jordan

    I have to say, some of the comments on here are ridiculous. This is Looney Tunes people, these aren’t made for an adult audiences. I’m guessing my 3 year old is going to love these new cartoons. And for those that are still stuck on hand-drawn animation, get over yourselves. It had it’s time, this is for a new generation of kids that are used to CG animation.

  • kenny

    ha im thinking why the hell is evrything geting made in to cgi its killing the tradshanl way of the old cartoons i reely think this should stop its grate with all the jobs you no but still stop stealing peoples work and make som dame things of your oun realy

  • ROFU

    I DONT’T want it done in 3D!!! They could have set a mark in brining up new 2D Stuff. I’m sick of all the slick 3D movies.

  • Everyone’s a critic

    Love the classics. Reserving final judgement here. There is hope.

    I found the CGI to be overly detailed/processed, which takes away from the comedic presentation. Trying to be too much like Pixar/DSKG, and misses the simplicity of the originals.

    The animation style of Bakkom (aka “Bernard”) seems more faithful to the original style of Wile E. and Roadrunner than this clip.

    Still, on second watch – after getting past the flash of the first viewing – I did laugh. That’s a good sign. Perhaps the overt flashiness will dull with repeated viewings. Or maybe it’s just what “kids these days” want to see…

  • chinna

    I love to watch road-runner. I think this wud be great!!!

  • Vic Fina II

    Once again Hollywood has found a way to be a hour late and a pound short. Looney toons where and still a standard. They are in the purest form traditional animation. Never be turned out into an anime or 3-d Stereoscopic rehash. Although they will make their debut as a warm up to Cats & Dogs is a bit reminiscent of where they where born as a nickelodeon. Even in light of Pixar returning to traditional drawing in the latest feature “Day & Night” (or Night and Day) kind of shows how far behind Hollywood could be. The formula they use is “story” then content. Keep throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks Hollywood… Whether it be Dances with Wolves with Smurfs in Space (Just Guess) or Clashes of the CG. Regurgitate it and serve it with a little trailer of mint. Stop rushing through the long list of movies and make an epic right. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings. Oh and before you tag me with a title of “Computer Graphics Hater”… I am an Adjunct Professor of Computer Graphic Animation at School of Visual Arts.

  • Ste

    More!!!! They’ve got the tone and timing spot on. Love it!

  • bugs

    To Recreate the Road Runner shorts shouldnt be too dificult as they dont need to worry about the voice talent of mel blanc, however when it comes to Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, porky, yosamite sam and foghorn leghorn thats Different, mel wasnt just the voice but he was also the character behind the Voice and you cant recreate that unless they can find another person like mel blanc that can do all the voices himself, the voices they ave used up till now have been terrible and not even funny, they just lack the feeling of Mel Blanc and as a result come across Corny and silly, especially yosamite sams voice whoever is responsible for doing his voice needs to stop it’s terrible and unfunny, they need a new Mel Blanc or there going to have to take a whole new different direction which is not going to be successful like the previous years, as it was Mel Blanc is what made them successful and not just the animation which in the 90’s and 2000’s has proven also to be lacking, go back to the old drawings of the 1950’s were the animation and characters were there best, with the right New Mel Blanc voices or re-use his already recorded voice through computer engineering and the new 3d look will make these a huge success at the box office.

  • That was AWESOME! C’mon… admit it, when the tanker blew up, you smiled? I know you did…

  • Nemo

    Look great.
    Sometimes the 3D is bad, but not here

  • Stephen Rhodes Treadwell

    Why do people like Road Runner cartoons when they’re so weird? That, in itself, is weird. By the way I’ve found messages saying when Chuck Jones made his T&J cartoons he tried the RR formula & it didn’t work. What’s the RR formula? Whatever it is I’d say it worked better on T&J because I like Chuck Jones’ T&J’s much better than RR.

  • Kirbyfan

    These look absolutely fantastic, now where can I purchase the CGI Looney Tunes DVDs?

  • Mim

    I may be on the wrong topic here, but no amount of fancy graphics or high budget can make up for the lousy plot lines. Yosemite Sam singing a boy band song?…SERIOUSLY?! What bozo thought that one up?