Luciano Pavarotti Mo-Cap Luciano Pavarotti Mo-Cap

Luciano Pavarotti Mo-Cap

Performance capture and opera: a match made in heaven. Quick, get Robert Zemeckis on the phone and have him follow up Beowulf with this:

(Thanks, Pete Emslie)

  • yikes. why does he seem to be suspended by hooks from the ceiling?

  • Aw, stop picking on the guy. Although it is awesomely creepy how his eyes blink at different times.

  • I think they are just being true to life in representing his glowing alien friends that help him float high above the stage (just like he always did in his performances).

    Bravo, Maestro!

  • Wheeee! The Christmas toy for every girl and boy!

  • tom

    you gotta do that when he’s still fresh for maximum entertainment.

  • Mike

    wow, creepy as hell.

    Did anyone see what spielberg siad in regards to his upcoming adaptation of tin tin? Very insulting to animators…

  • KT

    It’s made by the same guy who made those horrible animations of Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, and “the duck Donald”!

    He’s even using the same stock set of movements as Mickey in his first scene, only slowed down.

  • The Dead can Sing.
    But they are still Dead.

  • Alusa

    Yes. Happy Halloween indeed.

  • I kind of like how they have two ‘suns’ shining on stage for O SOLE MIO, and how he can sing without moving his lips. The first Ventriloquist Opera Singer!

  • A ghoulish Halloween trick for sure .

    Ohhhhh , very scary , kids ! Luciano Pavorotti in the “3D House of Opera Mo-Cap Zombies” tonight on Monster Chiller Horror Theater.

  • Lucy

    Wowww….. That’s one of the scariest things I’ve seen this Halloween! It’s like Frankenstein’s night at the opera XDD

  • That has to be the creepiest thing I’ve seen this Halloween.

  • Jay

    Thanks for the Halloween treat, Amid! It gave me the creeps!

  • Sean

    Mike, please provide a link to the insulting comments by Spielberg that you mentioned. Thanks!

  • Jon

    That looks better than anything Zemeckis has done with animation, ESPECIALLY the ugly Beowulf and Roger Rabbit.

  • Mike Russo

    Mo-cap needs to go away. Seriously.

  • He’s moving more like Keith Richards than Pavarotti (either that or he’s dealing with a serious case of hemroids) – QUICK – someone motion capture a tube of preparation h!

  • Albert

    Jon- I’m no fan of Beowulf, but what, exactly, was wrong with Roger Rabbit?

  • Yeah… sorry. Mocap isn’t going anywhere. Sorry Mike. It’s only going to get better and better. Until you don’t know when you’re seeing it. But it will never replace cartoon style animation.

    It’s by the same guy who is featured under this post:

  • Mr. P

    I HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE!!! (but this isn’t it…..)

  • i think that motion capture can work… take Sister act for instance. This however is clearly an elaborate rouse to garner cruel comments while the author of the work sits at home in his under pants and ping pong balls taking the metaphorical punches and filming himself later to release the product on the under ground Parisian dada scene. It’s actually a very clever idea

  • red pill junkie


    (but sung on a High C)

  • Jay

    Jon — I’m with Albert. I’m struggling to figure out what was ‘ugly’ about the Richard Williams animation in Roger Rabbit.

  • Asymetrical

    Now THAT’S the worst. Mocap. ever.

  • What the hell was that??? Who ever did the mo-cap did it by way of a marionette or something. Eeeek! I’ll never get that minute-and-a-half back!

  • tom

    Yeah, the Roger Rabbit stuff isn’t mocapped! RR was wonderfully animated.

    Beowulf looks like the ugliest thing to be released this year, denying Shrek’s slam dunk in that category. The animated Jolie nudity just makes me sad.

  • Zany

    This is too funny!! I got a good belly laugh from this.

  • I got the url in that last comment wrong for iClone – it’s actually at – but still horrible.

  • Mike

    here is the quote from Senor Spielbergo (on a 3-D mocap remake of Tin Tin):

    “Herge’s characters have been reborn as living beings, expressing emotion and a soul which goes far beyond anything we’ve seen to date with computer animated characters”

    and here is the article i sourced it from:

  • Mike

    Anyway, I think it is insulting to computer animators to suggest that by using mocap that they will finally be able to capture soul in characters which if otherwise left to the animator has been lost, to date. How about all the great Pixar films?

    I guess that having a computer program interpret the movements of ping pong balls glued to a jumpsuit is a much better window to the soul than the deliberate created movements of an artist. What was I thinking?

  • The only mo-cap characters I’ve ever seen with “soul” were those portrayed by Andy Serkis…but he also had a great team of *ahem* ARTISTS working afterwards to put more life into Gollum and Kong. Everything else has just looked creepy, no matter how great it’s rendered out. I’m terrified to go anywhere near The Polar Express, and I was so disappointed with the Beowulf trailer. Oh Spielberg…and you were so high on my awesome list too…

  • Jon

    Roger Rabbit was a terrible movie, with ugly animation. The story doesn’t make sense, and it’s just painful to watch.

  • He’s rhythmically blinking. His eyelids are like a metronome.

    Oh jeez, look at those iClone pictures. Their eyes…so dead…so very dead…

  • Shmalex

    Why are hand drawn animators so threatened by motion capture?! Happy Feet was quite good. Both can live side by side.

  • Chuck R.

    Animation fans are easily creeped out. I wouldn’t call this scary —as long as it stays in someone else’s portfolio.

    And yes, Jessica. It seems mocap only works if Andy Serkis is involved. He must have been born with ping pong balls on all his joints.

  • Amid just likes to piss off Flash animators, modelers, riggers, fx artists, performance capture techs, sony pictures imageworks, ImageMovers Digital, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Weta, ILM…. wait … basically anyone who isn’t working at Pixar.

  • Bobby D.

    Uh, Jon…please go away,or back to school, or study the art form… because, you’re making animators look really bad.

  • red pill junkie

    P-p-p-p-p-lease Jon, don’t be so hard on Roger Rabbit!! :-)



  • Mike

    I think Andy Serkis is way overrated. There definitely were a team of people who had to go in and play fix it for a computer program. The thing is whenever they do a behind the scenes, or a promo thing on tv about it they give the impression that it is a magical computer program that does the work for them, when in reality, from what I have heard from industry people, mocap takes just as many “animators” just as much time to fix the mocap data as it would to animate it from scratch.

    I don’t think it is 2D people who are threatened by mocap, I think it is animators.

    Look, mocap has it’s uses, but it seems like everyone who is a mocap person thinks that everything should be done mocap… animated projects, live action movies… hell, at my job the mocap guys asked for files of our flash drawn characters in some sad attempt to show how they could do it better with mocap.

    Here is the thing. I think that it is a very nice technology that has uses, but the general public (and studio execs) are getting a very schewed concept of what it can actually do, which is block out choppy movement which needs much polishing by 3D technicians to be ready to show anyone.

    In fact, I challenge these guys like Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg (with his comments) to just use raw mocap data if it is so great. Let the software stand on it’s own.

    It is a creative argument. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. I don’t know what Tin Tin will finally look like, but I can tell you that something generated by a computer’s interpretation of movements will never have the soul of a piece of art created by an artists hand… or mouse… or stylus… or whatever tool.

  • dan

    This is not cgi but the work from a shit product called iClone. Idiots use it to make machinima.

  • Rat

    1)Someone did shitty animation using mocap.
    2)Therefore mocap sucks.

    Got it.

  • Mike

    mocap is roto for 3D