Luxo Jr. gets the chair Luxo Jr. gets the chair

Luxo Jr. gets the chair

(Thanks, Eric Graf)

  • I was hoping they’re going to execute him by firing squad. That was creative.

  • I smell law suit !!!

  • Zack, there is no way a law suit could even come out well for Disney/Pixar.

    If it’s meant to be funny and not to damage the brand then there is no case.

  • That’s good! The opening is classic.

  • Thad

    Should have ended at 0:18 ….

  • FP

    Not THX-Y enough.

  • Brilliant, but I was waiting for a Jack Ruby cameo?

  • Mike Johnson


    The electric chair should have caused his bulb to glow brightly and then burst…

    Otherwise, loved it!

  • Agreed, Thad. It went on for too long to sustain the joke.

  • Jason

    Yeah, I agree with you guys, the joke went on a little too long…but it was still brill. Very skilled animation and some witty sight gags (one letter holds up a sign that reads “Lights out!”) :D

  • I thought they should have just switched him off at the end – a sort of inverse electric chair.

  • Marv

    It went on about twice as long as it should have. It did remind me of Susan Hayward’s deliberately loooong death scene in “I Want to Live!”, however, which won an Oscar.

  • Geekcity

    Pop-culture parody yet again.. (*sigh) Who cares?!!

    Of course, geek lovers of Pixar will love it cause it’ll make em’ chuckle. I chuckled for the first 30 frames and i moved on…

  • Loved it. Knew it was CollegeHumor for sure when Luxo, Jr.’s cellmate appeared.

  • I was expecting so many different outcomes…But, it was pretty good! I like the splat at the beginning.

  • Peter

    Anyone know what the “8==0” in the jail cell was meant to be?

  • Jenn

    Peter: my first thought was that sequence was in jail for…. *ahem* indecent exposure. though i’m not 100% clear on that either.

    i liked it. i didn’t think it was too long. i expect a ton of gags from collegehumor.

  • Inkan1969

    So this is what a CGI version of “Robot Chicken” would be like. :-) Actually, I did think the production values were impressive.