Luxo Jr. Grows Up Luxo Jr. Grows Up

Luxo Jr. Grows Up

Twenty-two years later, Luxo Jr. is no longer a kid, and he’s developed other interests that are a bit more mature than beach balls. The short is by Mark Grundy.

(via Kottke)

  • Dave


    I can see that gag fitting in real good on an episode of the Family Guy.

  • Sam Filstrup

    The animation is weightless literally.

  • ted

    Wow.This is way more artistically fulfilling than Roadside Romeo right?

  • Rio

    I wish a another lamp would have hopped into the scene at the end and said, “Hi, I’m Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC. Have a seat and lets talk.”

  • What is the fascination these days of denigrating things that are good and valued by twisting them into tasteless sexual and/or violent parodies? I’ll admit I laughed when I first saw “Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown”, but this kind of thing is really becoming a bore.

  • Alex Curtis

    What a joke. Lasseter animated Luxo on the most archaic and unfriendly computer system. Today we have Maya, and quad core computers, yet whose animation stands up? If you are going to satirize a defining landmark of computer animation, you better at least have the animation chops to do it well.

  • subhadipp dali

    its a cliche and has it worked??well cliches r supposed to work…i think it hanst much for me….could have been sumthing else..just simply may be luxo is learning a game of chess with his mom or may be playing squash against the bathroom wall…masterbating is good but when it gets ur lamp fused ur future is doomed ;)

  • A little obvious and predictable.

    And I think people need to get over Roadside Romeo hate. It’s getting old.

  • Saturnome

    22 years later is a bit long to start on these things.
    How long is that cord anyway?

  • Kyle Maloney

    Man, I was expecting a charming fan made short, and got…this tasteless poorly animated crap. does this really belong on the brew? honestly.

  • a middling

    No no, not “a bore” – -“mature”! See! he sees the sexy magazine and then he starts to — oh, man! The originality! The wit! Aah, what’s the use trying to explain it? I guess you guys just aren’t mature enough yet.

  • drmedula

    I just thought it was a pun on “if you don’t stop, you’ll go blind”…

  • I have to agree with Joanna Davidovich. It’s cute, but so what? You know right from the get-go what the gag is going to be. I watched the whole thing, waiting to see if it would play out as I expected – and …sigh… yes it did.

    Now if the catalogue had fallen over on him…

    Or, if Mama Luxo had stepped into the frame and tapped her base disapprovingly…

    Kind of nice to see that he went blind at the end. Just like his Mama told him he would.

  • I would like to see more beloved characters denigrated in tasteless sexual and violent parodies.

  • Danielle

    I don’t know, I thought it was all right.

    The hopping animation was way too floaty, though.

  • jAn

    sorry, i don´t understand, why this is featured here. unless you want to show how well animated the pixar characters truly are. because this animation is just bad. no feel of weight and no indication of the characters inner thoughts whatsoever.
    (and the sound design with all those screaching noises gives me a headache.)
    but what is even worse: you see the gag coming from the first second but it´s dragged out for well over a minute.

  • FP

    As much as I love to see beloved animated icons pointlessly trashed, this one didn’t do it for me. The animation didn’t sell it. I’ve animated :30 spots in half a day that had more weight than that.

    LUXO has been blasphemed already in a more compellingly repulsive fashion: Search for DIXAR on YouTube.

  • Noted lack of editorial comment = An example of CG animation that CB finally endorses?

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’…. ;)

  • pbaptist

    Floaty Animation, am i wrong or is Amid is actually appreciating this Shot?!!

  • amid

    I don’t remember anybody critiquing “Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown” because it didn’t live up to the quality of Frankie Smith or Bill Littlejohn’s original animation. That’s because anybody who did would have been missing the point completely.

    I posted this not because it’s a marvelous example of CG but to make the point of how engrained the Pixar shorts have become that we’re still parodying the cartoon twenty years later. How many other 2-minute shorts from the mid-80s are still being parodied today? Not too many the last time I checked.

  • jAn

    you are right amid.
    but the way it was presented just made it seem like you really like the short and wanted it to be seen by a broader audience.
    (as you know, people on here really care about animation. so it seems kinda logical they wouldn´t be too delighted to find out the short doesn´t live up to the standarts we´ve come to expect from the brew)

  • yoob

    I am highly offended by this because I work in cartoons and I take myself very seriously.

  • autisticanimator

    Many depressed or disabeled artists replace their character’s spirit with their own, so they take things like these as “classic school teasing.” It’s ironic that when everyone’s using free speach against someone they don’t have any freedom to do anything about it execpt have become a recluse or hermit in the first place…

    Since this isn’t my character, on the other hand, all I can say is I don’t get how the magazene Luxo’s reading is “dirty.” Almost every title you see on the stands has or states “Sexy” somewhere on the cover or in the pages; and are all lamps not wear any “clothing?” Other than that if this was derived from the origional short, then another gag that would’ve lead to the finale could’ve been that the book belonged to Luxo Sr, since it appears that it’s the same setting as the origional…

  • Steve Gattuso

    Just when you think Rule 34 has covered everything…

  • Anna

    is there anything from my childhood that HASN:T been turned into a tasteless sex joke yet? Anythin at all?

    rule34 not counting….

  • Jay Kormann

    A masturbating LAMP??!! Now I’ve seen it all….

  • Gobo

    The piety here is palatable. “An icon, blasphemed! The horrors!!”

    I thought it was a clever gag, and his little twitches just before his bulb blew were nicely done.

    “A masturbating LAMP??!! Now I’ve seen it all….” — trust me, you haven’t!

  • zavkram

    It was OK, I guess… I already had an idea what this was about from Amid’s description, before I even hit the “play” button.

    I simply accepted this for what it is… a parody of a well-known and beloved CG icon; albeit one that, yes, could have been executed better technically.

  • FP

    –The piety here is palatable–

    Now with less trans fats. Look for it under the dairy case. Go to to download our new Thanksgiving recipe for pumpkin piety.

  • Andy Panderer

    Historic! The first CG Tijuana Bible.

  • Dave

    It was ok. Probably was just a fun side project.

  • J-J

    Meh. “Bring Me The Head Of Charlie Brown” had a little bit of character, drama, and cleverness. This does not.

  • Chris J

    Eh. I’m not offended – I’m just not laughing.

    I take that back, it is slightly amusing that whomever animated this couldn’t get the Luxo hop right, even though he/she could have simply run back the original short and stolen the timing.

  • dan

    The staging was a bit off. I wouldn’t have placed him directly in front of the book. Made it hard to read and destroyed any siloette.

    Also, I wouldn’t have hit you over the head with “Sexy Lamps” written at the top of the page. Let the gag reveal itself…

  • Tira