“Manfred” by Arjen Klaverstijn “Manfred” by Arjen Klaverstijn

“Manfred” by Arjen Klaverstijn

A graduation project made by Arjen Klaverstijn at the Utrecht School of the Arts in The Netherlands. One of my most frequent bits of advice to students is to keep their films as short as possible. This is a good example: a cute, well-executed concept that shows a clear knowledge of art and design principles. It may not change the world, but it showed some personality and kept it entertaining for a minute and forty seconds. Mission accomplished. Some behind-the-scenes artwork posted on Klaverstijn’s website.

Director and animation: Arjen Klaverstijn
Additional artwork & consulting director: Lois van Baarle
Music composition & sound design: Thilo Schaller

  • Lois van Baarle is one of my favorite artists! I can definitely see her influence. cute and funny – and I love how the people at the bus stop are not thrilled that Manfred squeezes back in in the end. :D

  • sweeeeeeeeeeet.

  • tight. actually has some important things to say. It convicted me!

  • Doug

    I’m sort of wondering why there weren’t more comments on this one. I really enjoyed it, and in particular thought that not only did it showcase some really nice art direction – this actually had a story. I love it when a film has no dialog; when its successful it always goes up a notch in my personal rating system. Well done!

  • Short, sweet and a nice unique visual style to boot! Very enjoyable little short!

  • not a robo cop

    Nice. Short and simple.

    My thing is that it kind of took the idea I had for my next short film besides my thesis film. lol

    back to the story board. lol