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“Matatoro” by Mauro Carraro, Raphaël Calamote and Jérémy Pasquet


Matatoro takes on “the hermetic world of bullfighting and its public, here reinvented and reinterpreted.” The short was made at Supinfocom Arles last year by Mauro Carraro, Raphaël Calamote, and Jérémy Pasquet. The music was composed by Pierre Manchot.

The film is ambitious stylistically: its nonphotorealistic rendering style mimics ink and watercolor to good effect, and the stylized animation and layouts emphasize the theatrical nature of bullfighting. There’s never any doubt that the film was made in CG–the smooth perfection of the camera gives it away–but the filmmakers’ application of the watercolor technique allows for some of the most exciting color I’ve seen in any recent CG short.

The imagery in Matatoro is thoughtful and thoughtprovoking. The filmmakers draw visual metaphors between bullfighting and flamenco dancing, carousel rides, and the circus, but in the end, the film asks viewers to reconsider whether it resembles any of those other less violent pastimes.

  • misha

    wonderful post..thanks for sharing….Supinfocom always does great work…

  • Gorgeous! This is the way the computer should b used for animation!

  • I saw this earlier, i think the visuals are just stunning! right up my street. If you pause it on any frame it just looks like a painting. Fantastic!

  • uncle wayne

    i luvvvvvvvvvv bullfight cartoons. (Ya notice, every big star had his own: Bugs, Daffy, Mighty, Popeye, Felix, etc. etc.) This one is beaufiul!! Thank you!! I adore its stylizations!

  • Mike Johnson

    I’ve always loved animation, but it is rare that I see something that reminds me why I do. This is one of those. Thanks for posting…it was stunning!

  • This is really well done. The audience transforming is really a clever way to present an idea, and the graphic quality of the models are very pleasing!

  • That was stunning! Thanks for sharing Amid.

    • J.M

      y Olé.

  • Joris

    Wonderful indeed! Saw bits of it before, but I’m really glad to have seen the full movie now!

  • alan

    Had been waiting for this for a while now…Its great.

    The minimal animation and sparing use of camera moves really helped the piece retain that hand crafted feel.


  • the obsessive alien

    The most creative and interesting CG film I have ever seen!
    And what a refreshing post! Brings to mind that little thing called “the art of animation”!

  • Cute film.

    It’s like a 3D version of a Bill Plympton cartoon. Shot on 4’s.

  • J.M

    wow this was more conceptual and experimental than I expected, like the style and liek the ending…..whatever that Jesus christ Minotaur on ¨drogas¨ means

  • mat

    This has a cool look to it, but the animation isn’t so great. It looks like low frame rate was not implemented correctly, especially when it contrasts with the unnaturally smooth frame rate of the 3D modeled bits. As mentioned earlier it’s similar to Bill Plympton’s style, but I don’t think they made it work (perhaps due to the 3D medium). Instead of making it quirky or stylized it just makes it clear that these guys chose to have damn 4 frames per second, which never looks amazing. I would’ve taken a smooth 3 minute cut over this jerky 7 minute cut any day.

    • To me it’s the fact that it’s limited animation but with VERY stiff poses… it’s bullfighting for Christ’s sake! If any other subject DEMANDS strong, expressive, exagerrated, emotive posing (from the bull, to the bullfighter, to the dancer), it’s Bullfighting!

      And I agree with the low framerate… I found myself getting bored 30 seconds in… the whole thing could’ve been literally squeezed to half its time and it would’ve worked better. Too bad, cause I really like using CG to create decidedly un-CG imagery.