“My Favorite Way” video directed by Marck Al “My Favorite Way” video directed by Marck Al
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“My Favorite Way” video directed by Marck Al

“My Favorite Way” is a colorful and visually inventive video for Black Drawing Chalks directed by Marck Al at the Brazilian studio Nitrocorpz. Virgilio Vasconcelos, who was responsible for the CG animation, has posted some interesting ‘making of’ footage and production details on his blog. In his email, Virgilio also told me that two of the band members animated on the project.

Production: Nitrocorpz / Bicleta sem Freio
Direction: Marck Al
Dir.Photography: Jovan de Melo
Illustrations: Douglas Castro, Victor Rocha, Jovan de Melo
2D Animation: Douglas Castro, Victor Rocha, Jovan de Melo
3D modelling: Virgilio Vasconcelos
3D animation: Virgilio Vasconcelos
Aditional animations: Suryara Bernardi, Daryn Wakasa
Composition: Victor Rocha, Marck Al

  • Mitch Kennedy

    3D always looks weird when it’s made to look like drawn stuff.

    SUPER COOL video, though. Great work!!

  • Chris D

    I loved the character design and the music was pretty cool. I actually looked up more of their music on YouTube. Not too shabby.

    I didn’t care for the 70’s theme though. Blame my generation for growing up a decade thereafter.

  • Raul Aguiar
  • Esses caras são fodas! Ótimo clipe.

  • FP

    Nice. Looks like YELLOW SUBMARINE meets the 1981 HEAVY METAL.

    Compositing error at 3:13.

  • Trevor

    Very cool. I could watch smoke effects like that all day

  • That was great. I enjoyed the theme, mood, and color world. Very fresh.

  • Very nice. Could have a bit more movement in some parts, but it’s ok. I especially like all this morphing from one shape to another, and my favourite is the drumset scene: now that’s something new!

    This is a good example of how a strong design carries the whole film.