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New BEE MOVIE trailer


This one’s even better.

Click here to see the new Seinfeld Bee Movie trailer with Steven Spielberg – and some actual animation.

  • It would’ve been funny if Michael Richards had also been a cast member. ;-)

  • In what way is this one funnier? I want to like this. I do. But it seemed as funny as “1941.” As “The Money Pit.” As…well…any other strained, too much time spent on sets and explosions comedy.

    And the general design of the bee? I dunno. I love Seinfeld and I’m sure I’ll see this but it doesn’t look like anything special at this point.

  • Avi

    That was a fun trailer!

    Also, the bear (Vincent) from Over the Hedge is in there.

  • Paul

    “…anybody know how to draw?”…


  • Storyboarder

    “…too much time spent on sets and explosions”?

    Mark, the trailer is a goof on the entire idea of Seinfeld making a film called “Bee Movie”. There’s no actual footage from the real film in this trailer. Did you see the first of these two?

  • Steve Wojcik

    There’s just something about grown men dressed up in giant oversized silly costumes that cracks me up. Those Jimmy Dean commercials with the giant sun in the office and with his family are hilarious. These trailers remind me of those. Unfortunately I think that the movie should be based on these men in costumes rather than it being an animated film.

  • I agree with Steve Wojcik. I think a feature with men in giant costumes, oversized sets (and crazy stunts) would be hilarious. Do we really need yet another CG adventure with celebrity voices?

  • Floyd Norman

    Michael Richards would have been funny. He could have railed at the African Killer Bees.

  • Very Dreamworks…very Katzenberg

  • I’m happy as long as DreamWorks keeps coming up with original stories instead of Disney classic movie spoofs.

  • Gerit Vandenberg

    Looks really redundant . I hope it’s not the kind of vehicle where they overstuff layers of gags in hopes that something will stick. Having enough money to do whatever you want just ’cause you CAN is often dangerous. *grumble-grumble*

  • Esn

    Actually, I agree with the two Steves: I wish the film DID have men in ridiculous costumes. That would’ve been so fantastic…

    It would also have been original, much more so than creating another animated animal film.

  • “These live action sets aren’t working.” “Okay, it’s a cartoon then.”

    Sadly, I’m sure that’s how most animated features are pitched these days.

    Hopefully, the scenario in this trailer is merely a spoof of other horrible animated fare and not what REALLY inspired this Bee Movie. Oh well, hopefully I’ll get to see it this coming November.

  • Paul,

    Agreed! That line WAS great! I dont know guys, there is something about this that may work,… I wouldn’t bash it…yet;)

  • beenthere

    “Very Dreamworks…very Katzenberg

    Nope, not at all. 100% Jerry Seinfeld, in fact–the whole thing (this trailer, that is).

  • I STILL think this whole trailer concept was ripped off from Aqua’s “Bumble Bees” music video from 2000:

  • Funny trailer!
    Seinfeld as a bee though? His voice is going to take some getting used too coming out of an animated bug…

  • That trailer’s awesome, I’m really looking forward to this movie!!

  • tom

    I so wish this was the live action mess we keep seeing in the trailers. THAT would be wall-to-wall funny.

    The animated bee stuff I like a lot less. Of course, it’s just a wee taste.

  • I like it!
    I hope this film is good.

  • Sexyrobot

    you know what this movie needs? Batman.

  • I’m with everyone else who says the film should be like these trailers, rather than CGI animation. That would be a whole lot funnier, and more original. We don’t need anymore insect CGI movies, and surely they could come up with a better title than that?

  • “you know what this movie needs? Batman”


  • Jorge Garrido

    Great, another lame Dreamworks travesty that capitalizes on our shallow celebrity-obsessed culture. (wait, I forgot, it’s a “PARODY”) I wonder if Oprah Winfrey is the next Mel Blanc?

  • The quality will depend entirely on how much Seinfeld is involved I’d say.

    If he’s just the producer and came up with the basic idea, then ehn…probably won’t be too great.

    If he actually wrote the thing…well come on, it’s Jerry Seinfeld. I’m sure it won’t forge bold new paths as far as it’s animation goes…but it’ll be funny.

  • Beenthere

    Seinfeld actually wrote it, he rewrites it, he watches it, works on it every single day. Seriously.
    It really, truly is his movie to an extent that’s unique in recent animated studio feature filmmaking(that I’m aware of), outside of Bird and Musker and Clements.

  • Asymetrical

    I hate to break it to all you guys who want to see this film as a live action film with humans in suits instead of animation but if they did that then you would bitch about how “the man is taking away our jobs” and “why the heck didn’t they do that in animation?” and “That idea is so stupid!” The grass is always greener eh fellas? People in animation are never happy unless we bitch.